It’s National Short Story Month… So Check out Filters!


A funny thing happened one night as I was chatting back and forth with a friend through Facebook… looking at the sidebar of conversations I’d had, I was suddenly struck by how mortified I’d be if anyone ever saw those messages.  They were private… but is anything online ever truly ‘private’?  How easy would it be for any of these social media sites to screw up and accidentally post all of our ‘private’ messages to the world?

What would come out?  How would people react? As an anthropologist I’m always studying human behavior, so this particular scenario really caught my interest and wouldn’t let me go.

The next thing I knew, I had six characters.  All intertwined, all different.  And all dealing with having their secrets on display.

I probably enjoyed writing this story way more than I should have.  But dang it was fun to write!  I hope you take a second to check out Filters: Polarized and enjoy it as much as I did.  It is available on Amazon today and Nook (hopefully!) tomorrow.

Thanks, and much love!


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