My Favorite Romantic Couples Of All Time: Couple #2

It’s time for couple #2!  My second favorite couple on the countdown are:

Braden and Joss from On Dublin Street by Samantha Young.

I have a SERIOUS soft spot for these two and their story.  My husband claims it’s because Braden is everything I like combined into one fictional man.  I can’t argue that.  Braden is hot, rich, Scottish, crass, snarky, powerful, smart, and incredibly sweet.  He makes my all giggly.

But it’s the entire story.  In fact, it’s my current go-to book for bad days, a quick pick-me-up, or just general boredom.  I can’t seem to get enough of it.  Maybe it’s because I relate to Joss and her journey… I love a good journey that ends in happily ever after.

Joss is damaged, smart, strong, and making her way in the world.  She isn’t looking for a hero or someone to complete her, she can take care of herself just fine.  What Braden gives her someplace safe to be all of herself; not to complete her or be her world, but to make her world better.

In the end it is a sweet (hot) story of two people falling in love.

Braden’s weakness is his heart.  We see how big it is in the way he adoringly protects and spoils his sister, Ellie, and Ellie’s half siblings.  He’s the kind of guy who loves completely, which also means when he loves someone he is totally vulnerable. It is the only way he really knows how to love.

He can’t trust his heart to just anyone- if he is going to be in love, it has to be his equal in every way: brains, wit, and passion.  Joss matches him in all of this.  And by the end of the book we also know she will protect his heart to the bitter end.

I love their passion for each other, the comfortable ease they have loving each other (once they get past their issues), and their snarky personalities.  And that is why they will always be one of my favorite romantic couples of all time.  If you haven’t checked out On Dublin Street by Samantha Young yet, you are missing out!

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