Yesterday was a rough day.  Shiney object were very distracting.  I got about half as much done as I hoped.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s are my golden days: it is the only time during the week I get to think without anyone distracting me because both kids are in school.  From 9am-1pm I am in a panicked free for all to get as much done as possible.

And for some stupid reason I couldn’t stop thinking about movies.

Specifically, movies I watch over and over and over and NEVER get enough of.  Like A Knight’s Tale.  I will drop anything and watch the crap out of that movie!  My whole family loves it…. I mean, what’s not to love?  Knights, rock n roll, and a love story.  Oh, and dialogue so witty it is a permanent part of my family’s vocabulary.

So what else is on my list?

Spaceballs (I will never see this movie enough.  Never.)  The Empire Strikes Back (or really, any of the original trilogy, but Empire is my favorite). Ever After (best Cinderella movie adaptation ever).  The Replacements (Keanu Reeves and merry band of misfit football players… SOLD!). Speaking of Keanu… I have been known to stop and rewatch Speed from time to time.  The Man From Snowy River (because you can never get enough of a historic Australian coming of age love story with 80’s haircuts!).  Notting Hill (more witty dialogue and a good love story).  I’m seeing a trend here….

I’m sure there are others, but those are the ones that popped into my head first.

Which, of course, made me wonder about TV shows.  I’m just as bad about rewatching the same shows….

Little House on the Prairie.  I’ve probably seen every single (and I do mean every) episode at least a dozen times.  I wrote part of my master’s thesis to the DVD’s.  I cannot get enough of my Ingall’s and Wilder’s.  Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I know every episode by heart because I have seen every episode more times than I care to admit.  Also, how cool is it my kids walk around with computers they can talk to????? The world I wished I lived in as a kid is essentially the world my kids DO live in!  FRIENDS.  I don’t think I need to explain this one.  But they have always been my friends, no matter what.  Honorable Mention: The Cosby Show and Avonlea.

And, of course, that made me wonder about the books I read and reread. (Shiny objects!)  Books aren’t as convenient as movies and shows to turn on and leave playing in the background while life goes on, but I do have books I go back to over and over.  Sometimes it is just to read a chapter or two (get that quick fix of being back in the place where magic happened), other times I will sit and reread the crap out of that book.  And sometimes I just hold it in my hands, or stare at the cover (or title) on my kindle.  On Dublin Street is probably the one I go back to the most right now.  I can read a page, a chapter, or the whole book.  Doesn’t matter.  Just take me back to Joss and Braden and the apartment on Dublin Street!

All three Hunger Games are probably next on my list.  Nate even read parts of Catching Fire out loud to me when I was sick a few months ago (he’s a good man…) I was too sick to read, but not sick enough to just. pass. out.  And listening to Katniss Everdeen survive somehow made me feel like I might, too.

Every so often I pick a random chapter in Fifty Shades Darker and get a Christian Grey fix.

And then there is a random book from the 80’s called A Woman Without a Past.  I have reread it a dozen times.  It is a basic romance, nothing particularly different or special… but I love it.

So, today I’m hoping I don’t have shiny object syndrome and I get a bunch of stuff done.  I’m pushing The Storm Inside while finishing up the first draft on Storms 2.  Release week was truly special you guys, thank you so much for all the support.  I just want to write and tell stories, so every time one of you stops by and leaves a comment, likes a post on Facebook, or tweets with me on Twitter, it makes me feel a little more connected to the world of writers and readers.  This year has been one revelation after another.  Every time I walk into a reader-con or writer conference I am absolutely blown away by this community.  I had no idea I was missing an essential part of my life.  There are other people obsessed with reading and writing!!! I am not alone!!! It has been an amazing year.

SO! Leave me a comment on your favorite movie, tv show, or book and I’ll randomly pick a winner from the comments to receive a free e-book copy of The Storm Inside.

For funsies, here is my favorite scene from The Storm Inside:

Ten years and I still had that same visceral response to Jake that I had the first time I met him all those years ago.

My reaction had been so intense and so different I had never forgotten a single moment of our first week together.  I’d never been boy crazy, in fact I was worried there was something wrong with me.

Everywhere I looked my friends were frantically losing their minds dating.  They had crushes and were losing their virginity… meanwhile all I could see were silly boys I’d rather not touch.

Then Jake walked into my life and everything changed.

I don’t know if it was love at first sight (I’m really not sure what the heck that means) but he took my breath away.  Everything else fell away and there was only his handsome, smiling face.  Then he looked at me and I saw that same shocked look in his eyes.  It was an instant connection and we were immediately drawn together like two magnets.  He was as blind to the people around us as I was.

We spent nearly every minute of the next week locked together in a quiet conversation that only made sense to us.  We talked about everything—it was the strangest thing.  Somehow in a single sitting we could move from movies to politics to religion; all while smiling and touching and caressing.  And the kissing… I thought kissing was a little bit gross until Jake kissed me.  Then I couldn’t get enough.

Every moment with my body pressed up against his was ecstasy.

Every moment we were apart was hell.

We’d known each other three days when he pulled back from a long, deep kiss and stared into my eyes.  I couldn’t breathe when he did that– I could see forever in his eyes.  A look of fear flashed across his face, he squinted his eyes just a little bit, and murmured a question.  “Are you seeing anyone else?”

Was I seeing anyone else?  Did anyone else exist?  “No,” I whispered.

Jake relaxed and melted against my body beneath his.  He swallowed and dipped his head down, tracing an invisible line up the skin of my throat.  His breath was warm as he whispered in my ear, “Be mine and no one else’s?”

It was the most terrifying and wonderful thing I had ever heard in my life.  I wanted Jake like I’d never wanted anything and hearing his frantic plea that I be his…

“And will you be mine?”

His grin split his face in two, “I already am.”

I kissed the soft spot on his cheek where his invisible dimple was peeking out, “Then yes.”

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1gHKLRK

Nook: http://bit.ly/18fFPR3

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1dweCgf

Paperbacks: http://amzn.to/15fEYxH

Don’t forget to comment! xoxo

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