Video: Talking about Strong Heroines with Julia Kelly

Yesterday I sat down with my good friend Miss Julia Kelly to talk about what we love and hate in our favorite female leads.  (Hint: sex comes up a few times)  It all started because of a wonderful blog post she wrote about how important the portrayal of the heroine is to connecting and enjoying a book.  You can read her post here: The Heroine is Key.


The_Storm_Inside_ebook_posting_online copy

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  1. I love that my giant hand is the frame YouTube decided to freeze on. I forgot to mention when we were talking that I’m reading a strong heroine book right now! It’s “Don’t Cry for Me” by Sharon Sara. She’s an wounded Afghanistan vet and so far the author has done a fantastic job of making her strong yet emotionally vulnerable. That’s a tricky thing to do.

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