Food in Fiction: a chat with Mary Chris Escobar

I absolutely love when authors include yummy things in their novels!  It makes me want to eat and drink whatever the character’s are enjoying.  This happened to me hard core while reading Mary Chris Escobar’s novella Delayed, and again while reading her novel, Neverending Beginnings.

Lasagna is featured prominently in both books, along with chili (check out Mary Chris’s favorite BEER CHILI recipe below!), craft beer (yes!), wine, and coffee.  I may have made lasagna three times since reading these books.  I also may have made chili and paid a little extra attention to my locally roasted, 1565 Artisan Coffee.

Skip watching the news or a talk show and watch us musing about food and such in books instead! (it’s like “Buying Local” but different!)  ALSO, sign up for my newsletter for a chance to win a FREE COPY of Delayed! (Did I mention how much I loved both of these books?  Well, I did and I want you to read them, too!)

*I apologize for my video and sound quality issues.  My production team have been properly chastised and the kinks have been worked out for future chats.*

Don’t forget to try Kate’s famous lasagna or that amazing-sounding Beer Chili! Be sure to stop by Mary Chris’s blog and say hi!

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  1. This is such a fun discussion about food and drink! You guys have inspired me to pull out my lasagne pan.

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