Shelfies! Let’s start a trend!

I was a bit inspired by Julia Kelly’s post this week about her bedroom bookshelf.  (Read her post here)  In it she says her bedroom bookshelf and nightstand are her queue for the books she really wants to read.  So, I looked over at my bedroom bookshelf and laughed (because, let’s face it, if it is in my house it’s a disaster).  Yes, it is stuffed with books, but it was the content that got me thinking.

I moved an entire four-shelf bookcase (that doesn’t even match my bedroom–at all!– because I needed a better system of curating my To Be Read pile.  You see, I have a problem (one I think most of you can relate to).  I have a lot of books.  And when I say I have a lot of books, I mean I have a lot of books.  It  can be hard to keep them organized.

bag of books

Julia- I too have a giant bag of books….

And, being the enormous book hoarder that I am, I’ve amassed a small army of books I had every intention of reading… one day.  So, clearly, a new system was needed and the bookshelf was moved in beside my bed.  I got the warm fuzzies having so many books cosied up next to me.  The only problem?  I still haven’t read any of them.  Why?  Well, as I looked over the titles I realized my bedroom TBR pile consisted of three things: books I know I should read because of their high acclaim, books I want to read because I pretty much like anything the author writes (I’m lookin’ at you, John Grisham), and books that were indulgence reads handed down from friends.

So basically, the books in my bedroom are only going to get read on sick days, vacations, or on a wild whim, because the books I actually read are the ones that inspire me in the moment.  The books on my shelf are ‘on the bench’ while other books are being called up from the bullpen to pitch.

I love having stacks of books ready and waiting for me–there is actually a great amount of comfort in that.  But I’m probably not going to be reading them any time soon.

Now, on to the Shelfies! I want to start a movement! “Selfies” in front of shelves!  As Julia points out in her post, the first thing we tend to check out anywhere we go is the bookshelf.  We all love books and we all love trying to figure out what they say about the person, the store, the or wherever else we run into stacks of books.  So, I’m calling on everyone to start taking selfies in front of shelves and using the hashtag #shelfies on Instagram and Twitter and Tumblr and wherever else it’s fun to share our bookie adventures so we can snoop on bookshelves near and far!

My first #shelfie!

My first #shelfies!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this! I’m going to begin using “shelfies” not only on Twitter, but in my blog posts too.

    A good friend of mine organised one of his bookshelves by colour. It looked beautiful…I’ll be encouraging him to post a shelfie.

    I also have piles of TBR books. They’re often organised in the same way as you, and I pass them everyday with feelings of mounting guilt, so I completely understand where you’re coming from.

    Great blog post!

  2. I love this #shelfies idea. The embarrassing thing is how many ebooks I have on my Nook app just waiting to be read. I haven’t figured out the best way to photograph that, but once I do you better believe it’s going on Instagram.

  3. Gee Lex I can build you more book shelves so you can accumulate more books that you may never read just like your Grandfather has.Maybe it is a family trait.

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