December Update

Holy cannoli it’s December! I feel like I’m stuck in the mud with both feet and twelve balls in the air!  There is a lot going on right now and I’m having trouble keeping track, so here is an update for all of us (including me!)

  • The Storm Inside is going on tour! Well, a blog tour anyway! December 9-13th it will be hopping around the internet visiting different romance blogs and getting reviewed (be nice to me people!) (Yes I’m a stupid wreck over this.)
  • TSI2 is getting whipped into shape.  After a LOT of head scratching I decided to break it into two books.  It is moving through final revisions, proofreading, cover art, etc and should be out by the end of the year.  January at the very latest.
  • TSI3 is accidentally coming to you this January! (Yes, I said THREE!)  I hadn’t planned on a third Jake and Eve book at this point, but since I shaved 30,000 words off of TSI2 it gave me half a book with no home.  I’m writing the rest of that story when I take breaks from editing TSI2.
  • Filters #1 is now free everywhere! Grab it if you haven’t read it yet! I had so much fun writing those short stories!
  • I’m working on some fun stuff with YouTube now that I’ve caught the vlog bug from my friends (I’m looking at you Julia Kelly!)  We’ll be chatting about holiday scenes in novels this Wednesday (with Mary Chris Escobar… and probably a brew or two), but I may have other fun projects coming down the pipe very soon!

The first winners of my newsletter giveaway were emailed on Sunday, be sure to sign up for my newsletter for a chance to win my December book of the month!

Drop by and see me sometime soon (I get lonely!)

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