Book Review: Holiday Hoopla by Dana Volney

‘Tis the season to read romantic holiday novella’s!

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Holiday Hoopla is a Christmas novella that takes place in the great state of Wyoming.  I point this out because for me, a slightly unusual setting is always a plus!  It gave the story an extra special atmosphere.  Our main characters Halle and Blake find themselves in an odd situation where, despite never having met before, they can actually help each other out.

Halle needs Blake’s connections; Blake needs Halle’s distracting charisma.  Boom, you’ve got the fun!  Volney does a great job of making the set-up believable and blending together surprise connections between the characters that deepen their romance.  It is a fun, quick read full of sweet, traditional romantic moments you expect and hope for in a story.  Blake is sexy by sweet.  Despite the unusual circumstances he cares a great deal about Halle—feelings that only grow the more he gets to know her.

Halle is a firecracker.  She has spunk that jumps off the page right from the beginning.  She is a go-getter who knows what she wants (and doesn’t mind using the sexy Blake to get there).  She is both confident and sweet—a perfect foil to the slightly grumpy and disenchanted Blake.

Throughout the story the moments between Blake and Halle are engaging and entertaining.  I loved their interaction and was sad at the end of each scene because I wanted more!  They felt like real people to me and I enjoyed being sucked into their world.

I enjoyed Volney’s writing style and I look forward to reading all her upcoming work (I think this is only the beginning of a very bright writing career).  If you are looking for a fun and romantic holiday read, pick up Holiday Hoopla, grab a glass of wine, and cuddle up with a blanket!

Let me end with the customary disclaimer: I received this book as an arc in exchange for an honest review!   And I honestly loved it!  

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