Chat: keeping life in “balance” is crap, especially for a writer

Why?  Why must I keep my life in balance?  Is it really that much better?  I kind of like my topsy-turvy chaotic life.  (ok, so sometimes it gets the best of me and I have a minor meltdown, but don’t we all?)  I love throwing myself passionately into my work.  Other things fall by the wayside and I consider the dirty dishes, lack of bathing, and lost keys to be a badge of honor.  I just gave everything to something.  Can’t you tell?  The evidence is everywhere.

That being said, there are a lot of reasons to attempt balance and lot of reasons it is a bunch of misogynistic crap.  So, rather than babble to myself, I sat down on Google Hangouts On Air with Julia Kelly and Mary Chris Escobar (and our drinks) to talk about the myth surrounding balance and why it doesn’t work.  Grab a drink and let us entertain you!

Some fun news: we’re currently in the process of setting up a new YouTube channel just for these chats.  It is called First Draught (because we like to write and drink… get it?)

OH!!! And check out RAWWcon!! Raising Awareness of Women in Writing.  It is my new venture with Julia Kelly and Audra North.  We’re just getting off the ground, but please stop by, checkout the website, follow our social media accounts, and send us any tips or articles that may be relevant to the cause!

So what do you think?  Do I have it all wrong?  Is my crazy way of doing things bad and balance is good?  Sound off:

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  1. First Draught is SOLID GOLD.

    And life is too short to worry about dirty dishes. Topsy truvy with abandon!

  2. Alexandra is right. Dirty dishes are totally overrated.

    I should probably take the recycling out but… edits.

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