Book Review: The Return by A.L. Parks

The Return

I’m gonna start out by listing five things:

Snow.  Sweet, sexy firefighter.  Smart lady lawyer.  More snow.  Sweet, simple love.

If you like these things (and snow) I suggest you keep reading.

The Return by A.L. Parks surprised me.  I liked her first book, Strangers, but I knew it was going to be hard to read a book with two characters that had the same names as my characters (Jake and Eve)–like reading a sexy book with a main character that has the same name as your dad or brother.  Things might get weird in my head.  I didn’t want to unfairly approach The Return.  But A.L. did a great job of immediately introducing me to her Jake and Eve in a way that instantly banished my Jake and Eve from my head.  They are very distinctive and interesting characters and I think A.L. did a great job of creating a well-rounded hero and heroine with personalities I liked and backstories I could relate to.

So let’s talk story.  (As a reminder, in my reviews I DO NOT retell the story or list spoilers.  This is a review not a book report).  Eve is returning to her family vacation home in Colorado (just before Christmas, thus all the snow) to prepare it for sale.  Her life has gone down the divorce path and she wants the house gone.

This is where we meet Jake.  He’s been asked by Eve’s local friend to help get her driveway clear (of the SNOW!) but first Eve skids off the road in her rental car.  Luckily Jake is the fire chief and happens on her very quickly.  The chemistry is immediate and I liked Jake right away.  Parks establishes the tone of the characters and their impeding relationship very quickly, which I liked.

In many ways Jake and Eve have had similar experiences in life and are looking for the same things.  They are perfect for each other!  It is a relationship I started rooting for immediately.  Oh, and did I mention the SNOW?  Because it is almost its own character.  Well, not really, but it plays an important part in the setting and feel of the book to the point I feel like mentioning it a thousand times in this review.  If you like winter romances, snow romances, or vacation romances, this book has that feel all over it.  It made me sad I haven’t seen snow in a couple of years.

But we’re talking about The Return.  This book was very well paced and the plot and characters developed well over the course of the book.  It was easy to read and I finished it in two long sittings (while blowing up my microwave… but that’s a whole other story)

Grab it while it’s cold out, it makes the winter even more magical.  But don’t fear, if you are reading this review in 100 degree heat this summer, you will still want to read this book because it instantly transports you somewhere filled with snow and cooler temperatures.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  It did everything I hope for in a story: it made me love the characters, want to visit the setting of the book, and escape for a few hours while I followed two characters on a journey through their own confusing lives, all while falling in love.  I’m very much looking forward to the sequel!

AL Parks

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