Kill it With Kindness

And by “it”, I mean anything bad: meanness, doubt, fear, pessimism, bad news, doom. Kill. It. With. Kindness. 

My friend Mary Chris Escobar wrote an excellent blog post today about this. She was inspired by a movement toward kindness. How a simple act can not only help someone else, but you as well. Please stop by her blog and see what the kindness is all about.

As for me, I will be participating as soon as I get my booty to a store to buy some post-it notes. I’m going to vow to make it a weekly post on my Instagram because we all need a reminder and Instagram is fun. There is a hashtag for Instagram: #WomanKINDness if you want to see what everyone else is posting.

Now go forth and be kind. It may just change the world, one post-it note at a time.


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  1. This a great ides but it also should belong to us guys too. You can’t have just the female gender doing it. Everybody needs to do it. Papa

  2. I’d love to find an encouraging note someday in Target. 😀 Maybe I’ll leave my first note of kindness on a pack of diapers to encourage a sleep-deprived mom.

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