The Parent Trap Cures the Flu (and other odd things I believe when I’m sick)

Being sick is interesting and you can tell a lot about people from the way they handle it. For me, it usually throws my eccentricities into the spotlight. Echoes of my childhood, belief system, and personality all shine (for better or worse) under the intensity of feeling like crap.

For instance: I will not sleep in my own bed.

Can’t do it. Never have. As a child I’d set up on the couch in the living room and wouldn’t return to my bed until I was healed. There are actually several logical reasons for this.  There was a TV in the living room to keep me entertained. Back in the ’80’s and ’90’s you didn’t move a TV unless you absolutely had to–the things were massive and heavy bricks. I will never forget my first bedroom TV, partially rigged by my Papa (hi Papa!) so I could have a remote control. But even after that, I preferred the comfort of the couch. I hate being alone when I’m sick and it was soothing to have the busy sounds of the house around me.

Also, my bed is my bed. I don’t want germs or bad memories in it. I have to sleep there every night.

I want Campbell’s chicken noodle soup in a can. I don’t care if there are “healthier” versions out there. I want my Campbell’s! Preferably with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And a 7up or Ginger Ale.

Side note: right after Nate and I started dating, my birthday weekend and also the weekend he met my parents, I came down with a vicious sore throat. He brought me a 4-pack of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and I knew it was love.

Parent trap

I watch the exact same movies every single time I am sick. As a kid, that was The Parent Trap with Haley Mills. Usually followed by Parent Trap 2 and 3. Then back to 1 again. We’d throw in Troop Beverly Hills for variety. Also, Star Trek TNG works well for extended illnesses (especially when it was on Scifi 12 hrs a day).

Troop BH

As an adult, I have a thing for Ever After and Battlestar Gallactica. I know, weird combo, but the more you get to know me, the more you realize this makes perfect sense.

I only go to the doctor if I’m near death. My philosophy is most things are a virus that has to run it’s course, so why bother? Also, germs. Also, getting dressed and moving. If it gets bad enough, I’ll go. But not very often. I prefer the “sleep your way to health” method, combined with steamy showers, and the aforementioned chicken soup. I’ve been lucky that is usually all I need. But it does occasionally backfire.

Right now I’m half asleep in bed with my son’s stuffed dog, hoping to whether this virus relatively unscathed. In the meantime, I’m ready for my chicken soup and movies!

What weird things do you do when you’re sick? Wear three layers of clothes? Sleep in the same shirt every time? Listen to rock music until the germs vibrate out of you?

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  1. I go straight to my mommy.


    Straight to Mom.

    I curl up on her couch, let her stroke my hair, feed me, baby me. It’s my go-to solution…and it works every time!

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