See inside the Wild Mind of Writers (no really!)

Tonight, FAT TUESDAY, March 4th at 8:15pm First Draught is back with special guests Tracie Puckett and Lashell Collins! The topic this time?


That’s right, we’re discussing the different ways authors approach the writing process. Some plan it all out, others work from a loose outline, and some fly by the seat of their pants. Why do we all do it so differently and is one way really any better than the other? We’ll be discussing all this and more (there’s always more when it comes to us!)

So grab a drink (mine will be adult, but yours doesn’t have to be!) and join us at 8:15.

How does Google On Air work? Well, it is kinda sorta an online channel where you can watch shows like ours (I always see Wayne’s World when I explain this). During the show you can watch us live and send us questions and comments through the chat window (or just make fun of us on Twitter, but use the #firstdraught so we can see it too!). Follow the link below to RSVP now, or follow it tonight and it will take you directly to our show as it airs!

Can’t watch us live? No problem! After the show is over it is automatically uploaded to YouTube where it will stay available forever. (Or until we take it down).

Link to the show:

Links to our past shows can be found here: First Draught

Hope to see you tonight!

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