Sharing the Love: Apps and Stuff I Use to Make Stuff

I do not have secret artistic skills or technological smarts. Ok, I’m not a technological idiot, but the apps and programs I use make me look like I have a lot more going on upstairs than I actually do.  And since sharing is caring, I’m posting a list of nifty things I’ve been using lately.

For making ads, collages, memes, quotes, etc: PicCollage (on my Galaxy S phone and iPad)



Music as Muse

Music as Muse 2

Facebook Banners and advertising squares:



Alexis Anne no sale

First Draught 2

Sale square

Photo editing (makes your pics look fantastic on Instagram…which also makes great advertising stuff): PicTapGo (I-devices only)

pictapgo for making quotes from your work into art.


What else?? Oh! SpringPad. It is a great place to store all your story ideas. I keep character sheets, notes, websites, pictures… all that good stuff in my SpringPad notebooks. It is kind of like a crazy look inside my head.


Since most of these are apps for your phone or tablet, I include links. Just go search your app store. I did put a pic of their icons so you can see what they look like. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!

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