Sharing is Caring Part 2: Websites I Follow

Today I want to share with all of you some of the amazing sites I’ve stumbled onto lately. Because sharing is caring.

1) One of my goals this year was to spearhead some sort of positive movement online, and “Operation Nice” to combat all the negative (see AL Parks recent post on negativity and author branding). As I looked more into the idea I discovered someone else was already doing it. Not only were the doing it, they were kicking ass as it. At first I was a little sad that I hadn’t done it first…but then I was excited because Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is so much more than I could have done on my own. She has the resources, the support, and the celebrity to help make this everything it needs to be.

I follow their Facebook page and smile every time the page comes up in my feed. Every post contains a celebration of women and girls doing amazing things in our world. They promote positive behavior and give prompts for positive posts on social media. Not only that, but they create their own original content, series, and videos. Please, please check out Smart Girls! It rocks, I promise you!

2) About the same time I found Smart Girls, I found A Mighty Girl. This website is focused on books for younger girls, but it posts and promotes topics of all kinds related to women and girls. The books they sell on their website all contain female protagonists and empowering and educational stories about girls and women. It is another incredibly positive and enjoyable page to follow.

3) And don’t forget about the Kindness movement!

4) Another site I’m excited to tell you about is one I am part of. Raising Awareness of Women in Writing (RAWW) is off the ground! We share stories and news relating to writing, publishing, and female characters in fiction, plus we have original content coming later this year. Our goal is to be a resource for information and a place for people to connect and interact.

5) I really Enjoy the A.V. Club and all their articles. It covers all the media from books to movies to tv shows. Lots of thoughtful content on what going on in the media, including women’s issues.

6) VlogBrothers. I’m kind of a nut for the entire Nerd Fighter, DFTBA, Crash Course, Mental Floss, Art Project, etc, etc, etc, empire brother John and Hank Green have created. It is all over YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter and almost all of it focuses on being nice to each other, sharing information, growing knowledge, and helping those in need. It is an awesome community (haha, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome) and I love watching all of their videos.

So, these are some of the people and blogs I follow for news, inspiration, and general entertainment. I hope you find something new to enjoy and please feel free to suggest other for us to try!

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