You Suck and Will Regret Ever Publishing That Book!

So much to say! First off, First Draught had another broadcast this week! We talked about critique partners. You know, the people who watch your ass and make sure you don’t put out books that a kindergartner could write (although my kids do write fantastic books!). We discussed how to find them, how to be them, and what the heck they are supposed to be doing for you. Plus, we drink while we’re on air and usually end up saying something entertaining at some point. Check out the video below and let’s keep the discussion rolling! It is an important one for everyone in the industry. It has lots of nuances and variations. We could talk about this for days!!! And I’d love to talk about it some more, so comment away!

Also on tap this week, I got tagged in the Writing Process Blog Hop again! Last time I was tagged I posted a generic description of my life as a writer, this time around I’m going to focus on how my summers differ from the rest of the year (and why I actually get more done during the hot months of the year!) So look out for that and let me know if you want to get tagged next! I need at least one lucky volunteer! *mwhahahahaha!*

Find out what happens when a woman with a mysterious past seduces a man with his own powerful secrets for a two-week affair. Hint: it’s HOT and a helluva a lot more than they bargained for. 

Tease 1 & 2 are available now!

Two weeks.No strings._FBbannerAmazon  Nook (Free)  iBooks (Free)  ARe (Free)  Smashwords (Free)

Tease 2 cover_revised

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