Summer Heat Writing Tour

The Writing Process Blog Hop of 2014 is still hopping around and I’ve been tagged again by author Dana Volney. I thought it was a great idea to revisit my process because it is different in the summer than during the school year. I seem to go against the grain and get a lot more done during the summer months than the school months. Does anyone else have more productive times than others? Times that seem weird to everyone else? That’s me and summer time. Maybe it’s because the “living is easy”. Take a look:

1. What are you working on?

I have three projects on the burners right now. I’m smack dab in the middle of my erotic serial Tease. Volume 3 comes out next week and I’m already a third of the way into writing Volume 4. It’s sexy and fun and I’m having a really good time letting go and writing whatever comes into my head. I’m also working on finishing my draft for the One Week in Wyoming anthology coming this October, and revising my action/adventure novel The Unspoken Game: Art of Deception. (You can read the short story starting here!)

2. Why do you write what you write?

I write sexy love stories because I think love is sexy. Romances give me an opportunity to explore all kinds of different emotions and situations. It is a really great genre to tap into if you like stories about life and overcoming the odds.

I write action/adventure because it’s fun and it gives me a totally different avenue to channel my thoughts.

3. How does your work differ from others in the genre?

Hmmm…. it’s such a tricky awesome/weird question. You have to write within the confines of the ‘rules’ of your genre or you don’t fit in. Your stories won’t make sense to a lot of readers who have expectations when the pick up a book. BUT you also have to be yourself. If you aren’t unique in some way then you’re not giving yourself fully to the writing.

I guess what I concentrate on, and therefore what makes my writing a little different than some others, is that I focus on the unique experience of the character. What are they feeling, how does the situation make them feel? Does it bring up fear or old memories? How do they respond? I’m more emotional and less descriptive than some other writers and so the uniqueness of the character and their experience makes my work different than others. Maybe?

4. What is your writing process?

This summer it’s “write like my pants are on fire”. As a mom, my most productive and creative time of day is right after I wake up. I try to unload as many words as possible while drinking my coffee. This is precisely why I’m more productive in the summer. I don’t have to stop and get kids ready for school (then take said kids to school) right in the middle of a great run of writing. I’m lucky that my kids are pretty low maintenance and they are good friends. When I’m writing they pretty much leave me alone until nine or ten, at which point I stop and turn into a mom for a few hours. I usually have another good run in the afternoon, and sometimes in the evening before bed.

I like to unload a first draft like a dump truck–all at once, while I’m in the moment and can feel the characters through and through. So I might spend two weeks holed up writing like a crazy person (i.e. not bathing, cooking, cleaning, or stepping foot outside my house). When I’m done unloading the story I try to be normal again. Edits, revisions, events, marketing, etc. until I hole up and do it all over again. This also helps with second-guessing and doubts. I learned pretty quickly I can be totally undone by my own doubts. A story that seems fantastic when I start will get shelved halfway through because I second-guess my ideas and ability to write. If I dump truck-it instead I don’t have time to chicken out and quit.

So that’s it! My summer writing process. I’m looking forward to RWA this July in San Antonio. If any of you are out that way let me know! Maybe we can arrange a get together. If anyone wants to be tagged in the blog hop let me know. My tagging fingers are ready!

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