My Shelf Monday: Love, in English (a follow up!)

I just spent the last week in San Antonio at the Romance Writers of America national conference. I’m exhausted. I came home with a bounty of books, many of which will become giveaways for you!

And on the plane to and from Texas I read Love, in English by Karina Halle. I loved it! Here a few thoughts:


it is not your traditional love story. The heroine is young, tattooed, and a little wild. While the hero is married, older, and famous.

  • but it is told with care and there is a “happily ever after” that I found satisfying.
  • the book makes you want to move to Spain. Yesterday.
  • I loved the secondary characters (despite wanting them to get out of the way in the beginning).
  • I found the beginning of the book to be slow, but important (keep in mind I’m known for my lack of patience when it comes to romance…)
  • I loved Mateo a lot.
  • and I sympathized with Vera a lot.
  • They were both very compelling characters and if you’ve ever fallen in love (and tried to fight it) or had an enclosed experience with a group of oddly matched people who changed your life and became your very best friends, then this book will speak to you.
  • if you read the paperback version there are some odd typos and missing words, but it didn’t detract from my reading experience (it just make me scratch my head).

If you are looking for a summer read that will take you to another country and make you fall in love with a handsome and famous Spanish hottie, pick up Love, in English. I hear there is a sequel coming next year. Called Love, in Spanish. I can’t wait!

It’s only $3.99. Grab it here! Love, in English

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