My Shelf Monday: is overflowing with Awesome! (and Before Jamaica Lane)

HELLO PEOPLE!!! It is not MONDAY! Yesterday was Monday, and that Monday was a holiday. Therefore, I forgot to post my weekly shoutout of the book I’m reading (which is Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young). But this works out well for me because I have a lot to tell you and I’d rather do it all at once!

So, before I talk about Before Jamaica Lane, here’s what is up:

Wyoming Blog Schedule@2x

  1. One Week in Wyoming releases one week from today! We have a series of blog posts up on the One Week in Love website full of fun information. Today was my day to post. You can see it here.
  2. I have a book signing on September 13th in Tampa, Florida! You can find details here. I’ll be signing fresh new copies of The Storm Inside and the very first paperbacks of….
  3. Tease. The entire five-volume collection is now in paperback! I will have my very first set at the book signing. If you’d like to order a personalized copy, send me an email. In person copies are $10 and mailed copies (in the US) are $15.
  4. I will have swag packs and gift sets of all kinds of goodies ready to go out next week! Be sure you are following me and signed up for my newsletter if you want to win stuff! 
  5. FIRST DRAUGHT is back tonight! This month we are talking about research! You know, that stuff we do before, and during, our writing to make sure it is accurate! Our special guest this week is AL Parks. She is currently doing a bunch of research and she’s super smart and funny! RSVP now so you can watch it live, or follow the link to YouTube any time to watch. You never know what is going to come out of our mouths next!
Tease Paperback Front_8by5

Tease: the paperback!

Alright, book time! This week I’m reading Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young. She’s my favorite author and my go-to for books that take me away from real life. My favorite thing about every book in the On Dublin Street series is that, from page one, I feel like I’m sitting down with a group of people I love, can relate to, and I’m simply listening to their love stories. I always feel swept away and like I know each of these characters personally. I’ve just started the book, so check Facebook, Twitter, and such for updates or to keep the discussion going! I love to talk about books! 

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  1. After reading your thoughts of the On Dublin Street series I’m going to have to add it to my ‘to read’ list! Sounds great!

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