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If you read my previous post, you already know that I’m away on a writer’s retreat weekend with Julia Kelly and Mary Chris Escobar. While I was away, I got an email in my inbox from Mr. Anne with a surprisingly passionate post about what I want to call, “Manning Up”, but he calls it “Being a Feminist”. He wanted me to share it with all of you, and so I am (with a couple of edits to tone down his enthusiasm (he got a bit heavy on the expletives at the end). I should note that when we first started dating Mr. Anne thought “feminist” was a dirty word that only crazy women bent on hating men and ruling the world used. He now understands that feminism is actually about equality in opportunity in rights for men and women, but I think his post also points out that there should be equality in recognition and appreciation as well. So, here you go, a guest post from Mr. Anne:


Why my husband is a Feminist and yours should be too.

This is Mr. Anne and I have been called a feminist by my wonderful wife more than once.  I feel compelled to write this post as I lay here in a partial exhaustion coma, which was onset by solo parenting our two amazing boys today.

Let me start by setting the scene of today.  My wife does so much for us, and has for so long, that I decided to surprise her with a weekend away.  I flew her to Richmond to hang with her two amazing CP’s who helped me set this up.  Today was nothing special, an ordinary Friday of school and soccer practice.

So, back to the reason I came here.  I am amazed every time I am in this position; the solo parenting thing.  I’ve done it before, will do it again, and honestly I am capable and love doing it.  Our two boys are a blessing, and watching them grow every day is a treat.  Unfortunately, they both seem to be at a stage where they just soak up attention like a dry sponge, pulling it towards them with unseen, but amazingly strong force.  I am in the last two semesters of school for Engineering and I work a fulltime job as well.  That means my sexy Mrs. Anne does a LOT of solo parenting.  Not only does she pull that off LIKE A BOSS, she also writes those amazing stories you all love so much.  Every day she is writing, editing, marketing, mailing, planning, and pushing to be a successful self-published author.  A task at which she is absolutely succeeding.  She is my hero.  Period.  Not only that, but she deserves the recognition for those things.

When I put her on her flight today I decided one thing.  No shortcuts.  I am going to pull off this weekend with flying colors.  Laundry, cleaning, giant group project due Monday, “guys weekend” with my kids, keep the animals alive, keep the kids dressed, happy, and fed.  I am going to do it all.  All the things she does.  I refuse to have her amazing weekend away ruined by coming home to a mountain of work Sunday night.

So, here I am.  10:30pm on Friday night.  The kids finally are asleep after a monster night of soccer.  I just ate dinner.  I am exhausted.  I know you are asking yourself, “Why in God’s name are you writing this right now??”  Because it matters that much.

Every mother or caretaker out there needs recognition.  You ladies bust your ass, day in and day out, to make our houses run.  You deserve so much credit, so much appreciation, and truckloads of love.

I challenge every man out there to give the lady in your life a weekend off.  No shortcuts.  Everything that needs to get done, gets done.  Do the chores, feed the kids, reset for the next week of school, git ‘r done like she does.  Because on Monday we get to go back to the office, or at least most of us do anyway.  It’s hard to understand, but my wife looks at my job as a getaway, a warm inviting environment where I get to do my work without kids pulling me away from the one damned thing that I’ve been trying to get done for the last freaking two hours!!  It’s no wonder why I feel like she’s gone off the deep end when I get home on some of these days.  Those kiddos are intense!!!

There are a plethora of reasons why the world needs more feminists in it.  There are many things that my wife faces on a daily basis that enrage me–she can’t even go get groceries without being accosted in one way or another.  And I know she isn’t alone.  It’s an epidemic.

So ask yourself, why in the hell wouldn’t we hold women as equals?  Why wouldn’t we give them the credit for the work they put in day in and day out?  I will tell you one reason why…because you have no idea what they do.  Walk a mile or two.  Walk a weekend for goodness sake.  Its only two days.  Two days will change your perspective if you do it all the way.  NO SHORTCUTS.

So here it is.  I’m a feminist. You should be too.  Every one of you.


I should note that I actually don’t keep the kids clothed everyday. They get home from school and the clothes usually come off. So if Mr. Anne was able to keep them clothed the whole time I was gone, then I’m very impressed and need to learn his secrets! I’m on my layover on the way home to my family, exhausted but totally rejuvenated. I can’t wait to tackle the next step on my books, plunge back into the crazy and distracting schedule of working from home and solo parenting. I think what Mr. Anne is trying to say the loudest in this post is that we all do a heck of a lot of work and the last thing women, especially moms, need is a lack of respect for the work and effort we put in each day. Sometimes you need a break, and sometimes the loved ones in your life need to walk a mile in your shoes to properly understand the finer details of the daily struggle. So thank you Mr. Anne for my weekend to work with my partners in crime, and thank you to Julia and Mary Chris for helping him to arrange it. I appreciate you all so much! xoxo

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