Food & Fiction Friday: The Hunger Games Edition


Fresh bread, goat cheese, & blackberries

Welcome to my latest weekly (ish) segment, Food & Fiction Fridays! In the same vein as My Shelf Monday, I will have a weekly post about my two favorite things (other than my family): Food and Fiction! The two have always been linked for me, and I think that might be why I have a strong reaction to books that capitalize on food.

Long ago, in a closet not too far away, I built myself a reading nook. I cleared out whatever stuff I’d been storing in the corner of my closet, laid down blankets and stole pillows from around the house. I got permission to add a lamp (?) or some form of lighting device (I honestly can’t remember what the heck it was!) It was my quiet spot to disappear for a few hours with a book. The bookworm version of a treehouse.

And on the weekends my dad would set up a snack station on the kitchen counter. There was usually sliced cheese, sausage or salami, sometimes a variety of cold cuts, along with fresh bread and some fruits. I would grab a plate, pile it up, and disappear into my closet.

Food and Fiction. The perfect combination!

So today I’m kicking things off with one of my favorite books of all time: The Hunger Games. I realize this seems odd thanks to both title and content of said books, but very early on Katniss and Gale share a pre-reaping meal of fresh bread, goat cheese, basil and blackberries. It sounds delicious, right? We’re only 8 pages into the book and the food has already helped tell the tale of food scarcity, trade, and lack of hope for the people of District 12. The food and the ideas attached to them are something I often think about when The Hunger Games are mentioned.

Plus, I really love fresh bread, goat cheese, basil, and blackberries. It’s really a perfect meal!

Hunger games

So what about you? Did the food (or lack there of) in the Hunger Games have an affect on you? And do you snack when you eat (or is that just me?) Hit me in the comments!

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  1. I almost always have a snack tray out on the weekends. Meat, cheese, crackers, chips & salsa…yum! The Hunger Games always reminds me of stories my dad would tell of growing up poor in NC. They would start out with meat at the beginning of the month, and by the end of the month it was beans and biscuits. Thankful I have not had to deal with those extremes!

  2. Why Lex, I hope that you also remember the fine snacks that your Mimi always made for you. It was always Mimi’s way to have food.

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