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Show Notes: How to Build Your Author Brand (Even When You Don’t Have a Book Out)

Check out the brand new First Draught website! And while you’re there, take a peek at our latest show!

First Draught

We had a fantastic conversation with Laura von Holt and Amy Jo Cousins last Tuesday about the ins and outs of building your author brand. We touched on the tangibles like fonts, covers, and websites, but we also discussed making sure that your voice on social media and other platforms is authentic.

There’s a lot of great stuff in here!

We wanted to be sure to highlight a few things we mentioned during the show.

Canva (the amazing graphics program we gushed about)

Shari Slade (Amy Jo’s brilliant confident and fellow author who just went through a site rebranding herself)

Book Beautiful (the author design service site that Amy Jo name dropped)

Lucas Stoffel (Laura’s fantastic website designer)

Font Fabric (The font resource Alexis Anne uses to find unique new fonts)

And here’s a closer look at our contributors:

Amy Jo Cousins

Off Campus

Visit Amy Jo’s website:

Subscribe to Amy Jo’s…

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Food & Fiction Friday: A Little Beyond Hope Edition

Hey gang! It’s Friday! Last week my post didn’t make it to the blog (but it did make it to Instagram and Facebook, so if you follow me there, you’re about to see a rerun!)


Book: A Little Beyond Hope by Tracie Puckett

Food: Pizza


A Little Beyond Hope picks up where the Just a Little series left off. Julie Little’s relationship with the swoon-worthy police officer Luke is moving full steam ahead, but family issues and a devastating tornado throw a few twists and turns into Julie’s life.

One of my favorite parts of the book is when they are running for the basement (because tornado) and Julie goes back for the freshly delivered pizza. Julie is not a great cook and loves to order pizza. It’s a very endearing quality to her character–so much so that when I wrote Elizabeth in Tease I wanted to give her a similar quirk (Elizabeth is so bad at cooking she burns everything.)  And since we all know I develop strong attachments to the food mentioned in the books I’m reading, I had to make pizza!

As you can see from the ingredients above, I have Publix to thank for the pizza. The fresh dough and mozzarella are both Publix brand. I also indulged in Boar’s Head pepperoni’s, fresh sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, and spinach! And while cooking I enjoyed a cold Yuengling! (Pretty sure I spelled that wrong…)


I also turned on some Snow Patrol in the background because I’m seriously addicted to The Lighting Strike and listen to it on repeat from time to time…


The pizza came out great and now I think I’m going to have to start making homemade pizzas again. I mean, pizza delivered to your door is convenient (and half the reason I love pizza) but the homemade variety is so, so worth it!

Check out this little one minute wrap-up video I made (this software is my newest addiction) and stay tuned for my next edition of Food and Fiction Friday! Have a great weekend!


Cover Reveal: One Week in Hawaii

I’m so happy that today I get to share with all of you the beautiful cover for One Week in Hawaii! This is the second book in the One Week in Love series (the first was One Week in Wyoming). This time around I’m writing about two Hollywood stars who became best friends on the set of a Hunger Games-type movie franchise. They’ve been secretly in love with each other all this time, but it isn’t until Hawaii that they’re ready to see what happens when they kiss!

Without further ado, here’s the cover! You’ll find all the blurbs below and preorder links to your platform of choice!

Are you ready?




One Week in Hawaii

Sun, sand, and seduction.

This summer, Alexis Anne, Audra North, Julia Kelly, and Alexandra Haughton sweep you away to paradise for One Week in Hawaii.

A wedding planner breaks all the rules to have just one night of pleasure, only to find that a stolen moment might hold the key to forever.

A movie star falls hard for her sexy co-star…who just happens to be her best friend.

A former black sheep risks falling from grace again when she seduces a handsome stranger with a dark history.

An artist has to choose between dating a guy who will please her parents and one who will please…and pleasure…her.

Sex on the beach is so much more than a drink in these four sizzling contemporary novellas by the authors who brought you One Week in Wyoming.

The Wedding Week by Julia Kelly

Hot LA chef Chris Benson is ready for his week in paradise. Playing groomsman in his college roommate’s wedding, touring the Hawaiian hotel that wants him to open a restaurant on the grounds…sounds like the perfect mix of work and play. That is, until he meets the hotel’s no-nonsense wedding planner–a woman who just happens to blow him away.

Wedding planner Annie Kalani lives by the rules. The biggest one? Don’t get involved with the guests. Especially the ones who make her want to do risky things. But all it takes is one night on the beach with Chris before she’s risking everything she’s worked for.

Loving Rebecca by Alexis Anne

A kiss is all that stands between Hollywood movie stars Rebecca Seymour and Luke Harrington’s happily ever after. Best friends for three years, neither has been single or brave enough to find out whether the electricity surging between them is merely intense friendship, or something much deeper.

After both Luke and Rebecca go through nasty breakups, a dream vacation with friends puts them in Hawaii for a week between shoots. It’s the perfect opportunity to push the boundaries and finally find out if they are destined to be friends or lovers. But will their long awaited kiss be the beginning of new love or an utter disaster?

After the Fall by Alexandra Haughton

Paradise lost…

Joss McAllister worked hard to earn the title of family wild child. Her crowning achievement? An epic meltdown at her sister’s wedding five years ago. She’s just now back in her family’s good graces, so when she goes to their condo—the first time since The Wedding Mistake—Joss is on her best behavior. That means no drinking, no drama, and definitely no in flagrante delicto. But when Andrew Reynolds stumbles into her life one hot Hawaiian evening, she is one stone-cold sober sexcapade from making another mistake.

Paradise found…

Drew is a damaged soul. After his distinguished career as a photojournalist goes down in flames, he’s at loose ends. A chance encounter with Joss soothes him in ways he’d thought impossible, tempting him to forget life’s complications. But when their clandestine affair threatens everything they hold dear, will they walk out of Paradise together?

Blinded by Audra North

Chelsea Kato is convinced that dating Brandon Myers will be the accomplishment that finally impresses her parents. Going away to Hawaii for a week to celebrate her brother’s wedding is the perfect opportunity to get some time alone with the rich, successful attorney. She’ll win his interest and her parents’ approval.

But when Mike Dalton, her brother’s childhood best friend, gets wind of her plan, he does everything in his power to get Chelsea to realize that Brandon isn’t the right guy for her. Mike is. And he’s got a plan of his own to show her what she’s truly worth.

Release Date: May 19 (now available for preorder)



Barnes & Noble: Link will be available May 19


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