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Tempt is LIVE!!!


Y’all, I’m a walking talking Eeyore disaster today, but it’s all good because TEMPT is HERE!!!! I won’t bore you with my post card and packing disasters, instead I’ll give you the links and good vibrations from Theo and Allison.

In other good news, I’ll be in NYC for the very first time for Romance Writers of America next week! I’ll be presenting “Surviving Self Publishing” along with Mary Chris Escobar and Anne L. Parks! I’ll also get to see all my friends and fan girl over my favorite authors. If you live in the city let me know and we’ll see if we can meet up!

In the mean time, download some TEMPT and have a nice night!

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Tempt blazes off the page! The moment Allison and Theo meet, you know they’re meant to be together.” — Vivienne Thorne, author of The Lady Taken


Smart girls don’t use their bodies to get what they want.

Smart girls don’t pursue men they can’t have.

Which means I must have lost my damn mind. Since the night I tripped into sexy, reclusive genius Theo Sutherland I’ve given in to my body’s desires. Now the need to possess a man I can’t have is overriding my typically excellent smart girl sensibilities.

To everyone else Theo is cold and commanding, but with me he’s sweet, sexy, and almost shy. He shows me a side of him no one else knows, maybe even himself. And that makes me want to conquer him at all costs.

I want him.

He’s mine.

He just doesn’t know it yet.

Tempt Preview: Theo’s Alternative POV


Tomorrow is the big day! Tempt: Volume 1 releases on all platforms! But today I have one last special sneak peek and this time it’s extra special because it is an alternative point of view. Tempt is told exclusively from Allison’s perspective, but every so often I write scenes from the other character’s side as a way of flushing things out. In this case it is how Theo meets Allison in the speakeasy. We get a little look at Theo and how he ended up catching Allison on the dance floor. It’s not polished and perfect, but it is a fun look! Enjoy!

I resisted the urge to scratch my neck as the host led me up the small set of stairs to the private party room overlooking the club. Well, not really a club. Not in the traditional sense anyway. This was a speakeasy.

“Theo! Bloody hell man! You’re actually here.” Higgins, a very old friend of mine, howled across the room.

I lost the battle. I scratched my fucking neck. Places like this made my skin crawl. Too many people, too desperate to escape their dreary lives. Too close to everything I wanted to forget.

Fucking Higgins.

I stopped where I was and waited for him to jog across the small room. “I can’t believe it. Theo Sutherland actually came to my party.” He shook his head, grinning like a fool and holding his hands out like he was going to hug me.

I stuck out my hand. “This is a nice place you’ve got here, Higs.”

He frowned at my hand and ignored it, just like I expected him to, and hugged me instead. “You can be cold to everyone else, but not me, my friend. Never to me.” He clapped me on the back and despite my better judgment, I clapped him back.

“How’ve you been?” I said.

He waved his hand around the room filled with fifty of his closest friends and (most likely) business partners. Higs never did anything alone. At least he’d finally stopped asking me. “Fucking good. The club is a huge hit. Apparently the more exclusive and secretive you make something, the more desperate people are to get inside and spend loads of money.” Then he hugged me again. “I can’t believe you’re here. It’s been too fucking long.”

“How are Bix and Diane?” Two more from my past that I couldn’t quite seem to escape.

“Good, good. They won’t be here tonight. You don’t have to worry about that. How’s Nicki?”

My shoulders instantly tensed at the name of my sister. “Same.”

Higgins made a face. “Sorry. How you holding up?”

“Business is good.” I’d gotten lucky with iON Innovations. It was the right company to start at the right time. Cutting edge technology was an increasingly crowded marketplace, but staying focused on bringing efficiency up was good business.

“I didn’t ask about work, Theo.”

I shrugged. “I am my work.”

“That’s the fucking saddest thing I’ve ever heard.” He waved at a roaming waiter and grabbed what appeared to be two shots of bourbon off the tray. “Just for an hour or two, forget the past. Forget Nicki. And for fucks sake, forget work. Be that smooth bastard that could charm the nickers off an old lady and ask someone to dance. When was the last time you danced?”

Forever. “It’s been a while.” I took the shot. It burned all the way down.

Higgins put another shot in my hand and pushed me toward the balcony. “There. Go watch some fine women dance and let the bourbon do its job.”

For some reason I did exactly that. Below was a stage filled with a live band playing a jazz number. The dance floor was sunk down from the booths and bars that surrounded it. Dancers of all types were spinning and hopping. Some very good, some very bad. My foot tapped to the beat.

I missed dancing. Spinning a beautiful woman across the floor. Feeling the curve of her hip beneath my hand. Having her trust in my ability. Dancing was sex—clothed—out in the open and on display for everyone to see.

I held in a groan. I really needed to get out more. I glanced from couple to couple. All having fun: smiling, laughing, red cheeked and full of life.

That was when I saw her. She had a spark I could see from here. She was alive in a way that I was not. She looked like she could take on the whole world and win. It was fucking sexy as hell.

“Ah, yeah man. She’s a looker. Fucking good dancer.” Higgins had returned with a mouthful of food and highball in one hand. I don’t know what surprised me more: that Higgins thought she was gorgeous too, or the way I reacted to that knowledge. Something I thought long dead inside me roared to life. “Keep your eyes to yourself.”

His eyebrows shot up. “Shut the fuck up. You have a thing for the blonde? If I’d only known it would be that easy…”

It wasn’t that easy. It was just her. She was different—I needed to know that woman. But she was dancing with someone and I wasn’t about to walk down and introduce myself if she was attached to someone else.

So I watched her dance. Lip between her teeth, a mischievous twinkle in her eye, feet flying. She didn’t dance like she was following steps—she danced like the music was inside her. She felt the music and her body reacted.

My body reacted.

My brain blew straight past the dance floor and was picturing her in my bed. Writhing under my touch, moaning into my kisses, coming apart because of me.

That light in her eyes… I wanted to get lost in it. Drunk on it.

She walked off the dance floor to a booth with another man and woman. They all laughed and drank, having fun. Was that what I was missing out on? Was that what fun could look like?

Or maybe it was just her. Maybe she lit up everyone and everything around her. I studied her a little closer. Her hair was curled in a 40’s style, long hair framing her face. Her lips were dark red, eyes lightly lined to highlight the blue of her irises. The dress was fucking fantastic. A deep blue with a full skirt that sparkled under the lights. I’d seen her carefully chosen bloomers when her last dance partner flipped her over his arm.

I wanted to see those again.

I held my breath hoping she returned to the floor with a different man. If she did then I knew I’d at least have a shot of getting a dance, even if she was dating someone. A dance wouldn’t be nearly enough, but it would be something.

I got my wish. A minute later the other guy in her group took her hand and led her out onto the floor. I was amazed by how quickly she changed her style to match his.

“You better get in there.” Higgins pointed to the pair. “Or you’re going to miss out.”

Why was I hesitating? “Maybe I don’t want to get in there.”

Higgins snorted. “Yeah you do.”

That’s when her dance partner spun her in close and held her there, practically whispering in her ear. Pure jealousy exploded inside me along with something that scared the piss out of me.


What the fuck was that?

All I knew was that I needed to get down there. To put myself between her and every other man. Before I knew what I was doing I was downstairs and pushing my way through the dance floor.

I’d just spotted her blonde head when I saw her lose her balance. I moved quickly, catching her just as she started to fall.

An electric charge shot up my arms as her skin made first contact with mine. She was soft and supple beneath my hands. Her hair danced along my skin as it fell forward. Her sweet citrusy scent drugged me. I wanted to feel all of this over and over.


I couldn’t stop that reaction. I kept happening. It was like I had no control over this impulse I couldn’t name.

I was so completely fucked.

I should never have let Higgins talk me into getting out for a night.

I’m so excited to finally get this story rolling! I have so much fun writing serials and I’m looking forward to several weeks of excitement as Theo and Allison’s story unfolds. Have a great Monday everyone!

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Exclusive TEMPT Prequel!


Tempt: Volume 1 is out on Tuesday and I’ve started the process of uploading to each of the retailers! Today I’ve got a special little preview. This is a prequel, if you will. It is not in Tempt, but takes place a few weeks before our story begins. It will give you a taste of what is to come and a look at our heroine, Allison Riley. Enjoy!

“You’re evil, Allison.” My best friend, Elizabeth, huffed through the phone. She was not taking my move to London well, and I was still hearing it while trying to catch my flight.

“I’m not evil. Stop saying that.”

“You’re abandoning me in this new apartment. You’re forcing me to make friends. You’re evil.” Elizabeth was being dramatic, but not overly so. She was a unique case and I loved her for it.

Let’s just say making friends and being “out there” were not her forte.

“You know, not everyone is out to get you. There are actually a few lovely people out there in the world. You should meet some of them.” Heaven help me if I ever met anyone else like her.

She groaned and I could picture her pulling the comforter up over her head. “Fine. Have it your way. Good luck. Call me when you land.”

“Love you.” I was really going to miss her.

“Love you, too.” Then she clicked off the phone.

I took a deep breath and glanced up at the red letters on the board behind the flight attendant. Everything was still on schedule. By dinner I would be in my new flat in a new country starting a new job. Well, not new. My firm was sending me over to work on a project for our London branch. They did things like this all the time, but it was my first time.

Six months living in London, working on one of the hardest projects I’d ever handled. I was taking a secondary design position of a new state of the art business complex that would be housing everything from a small museum, to labs, to offices. Everything had to as efficient as possible, all while being unique and aesthetically gorgeous. In other words, this was huge.

After my phone conversations with Luis Menendez I knew I was going to love my new project lead, but my new boss, Margaret Hickman, I wasn’t too sure about her. The “H” in HDM2 Architects, she was cold, clipped, and seemingly never happy. I don’t even know why she requested me if she was so damn unhappy with everything I’d ever designed. But I was coming in hot with some new ideas that I really thought were going to put this building—and me, by extension—on the map. That is if I had the guts to actually follow through and not play it safe.

“Are you on vacation?” The man beside me leaned a little closer. I think he was flirting with me.

Oh god, what if he was flirting with me? He wasn’t going to ask if I’m a member of the Mile High Club or anything cheesy like that, was he? “No, work.”

“Ah. In London, or are you headed on somewhere from there?”

“London.” I kept my answers short. This strange man didn’t need any more information—he could be a stalker.

“I’ve been working there for about a year now. I don’t think they’ll ever get me to leave.”

“And why is that?” Why did I ask that? I didn’t want to make this conversation any longer than it already was. Dumb. Dumb move, Riley.

“The city just speaks to my soul. It has a vibe. Have you ever been?”

I took a second to look him over. He wasn’t my type at all. Baby faced and slender, he was a handsome enough guy, just not what got me all hot and bothered. I preferred my men manly. Broad shoulders, deep voices, and dark eyes did me in every single time.

God, I hoped I didn’t meet anyone like that in London. I was there to work, not play. I had a goal. Shit was getting real with my folks and if I stood any chance of making architecture my life instead of Riley Cosmetics, I needed this to be big.

It wasn’t going to be enough to be good at my job. I needed to be great. I needed to be the best. It was the only ammunition I had against being forced into taking over my family empire and still keep a good relationship with the people I loved.

Did we have a great relationship? No. It was far from perfect. But they were my family and we were all trying our best. We usually made it work. My parents just happened to come from a world in which empires were built and passed on generation after generation. They couldn’t conceive of a world in which their only daughter wanted nothing to do with their company.

Not to mention they were still scratching their heads about my refusal to marry Tristan Whittaker. I mean, he’s a Whittaker. According them, we were a perfect match.

On paper.

And sure, I gave in and dated him briefly in college—back when I was still under the delusion I could be the daughter my parents envisioned—but the guy made my skin crawl. He was so boring. And obsessed with money and position. I could have gotten off a little bit if he was all about the power and control, but that wasn’t what got his juices flowing. It was money and superficial shit I didn’t care about.

Tristan was not an option. And neither were all the other guys my mom kept suggesting. I didn’t want an heir to a fortune as my partner in crime. I wanted someone with passion. Someone who took life by the balls and laughed at danger.

Okay, maybe that line was a little dramatic, but you kinda see what I’m saying, right?

I wanted more out of life than a stable merger of two companies.

The man cleared his throat and I realized he’d asked me a question. “I’m so sorry, can you repeat that?”

He smiled kindly. No, this man was not flirting me with me. He was lonely and making conversation to pass the time. “Have you ever been?”

“Yes, but it’s been a few years.” More than a few, actually. I hadn’t been since our family vacation in high school.

“Well, enjoy it. All work and no play…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll have some fun, too.” But not too much.

My phone vibrated in my hand. “Oh good god!” Elizabeth was photo bombing me pictures of naked men draped in the Union Jack.

The man chuckled. “Maybe not that much fun.”

I shrugged and powered off my phone before Elizabeth moved into porn. Maybe I could make time for a hot British guy or two. They did have sexy accents after all…

Tempt: Volume 1 releases Tuesday, July 14th!

Mr Sutherland does not laugh

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“Tempt blazes off the page! The moment Allison and Theo meet, you know they’re meant to be together.” — Vivienne Thorne, author of The Lady Taken

“Steamy, sultry, and sexy…Alexis Anne offers up her most mysterious and tempting hero yet!” Anne L. Parks, author of The Return



Tempt: Volume 1 Giveaways!

Tempt Coming 2

We’re a week away from Tempt: Volume 1’s release and there are some fun things happening this week leading up to the big day! First off, let’s start with those giveaways I mentioned.

Goodreads has two (count ’em, TWO) signed paperbacks up for grabs! Open to US addresses until July 14th. Enter now!

Booklikes has ten ebooks up for grabs! AND winners will get them before release day! How cool is that?

Later this week I’ll be posting two different previews of the book. Neither excerpts appear in Tempt: Volume 1 and both take place before the book starts. Call it a little taste of our new characters, if you will. So make sure you stop back by to read those!

And since you are all so nice and wonderful, I’m including a little teaser from my Facebook page to tempt you with.


What do you want from me?” he whispered, as if the only reason I could possibly be standing in his bedroom was to extract something from him.

“I don’t want anything from you,” I whispered.

“Everybody wants something.” His voice was rough. I wondered if everybody in Theo’s life used him. Like Nicki on the phone earlier. Was this what his life was like? I swallowed, trying to control my breathing and pounding heart. It didn’t really work. “Okay. I do want something.”

His breath hitched as he reached up and ran his heavy finger from my lower lip, down my throat, and gripped my shoulder. His eyes rose until they locked with mine. “What do you want?”

“This…” the word escaped my lips like a plea. It was a plea. A desperate, needy plea. “I want you to keep giving me this. And I’ll give it in return.”

What do you want from me?

(FYI, this scene is towards the end of Volume 1 and it’s H-O-T!!!)

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Releases, and Covers, and Teasers, OH MY!

It’s a crazy week! An awesomely crazy week! And lucky for you guys, it’s all before the holiday (which means I’m about to drop some reading suggestions on you, so get your one-click fingers ready!)

First up: The Lady Taken by Vivienne Thorne

Lady Viv is one of my best friends and this is her first venture into the world of erotic serial writing, so I’m doubly stoked to share this one with you! Her tag line is: Dirty, Sexy, Victorian. That pretty much sums things up! If you’re looking for a quick, fun, dirty read over your holiday, do not hesitate to grab The Lady Taken for $0.99 at your retailer of choice!


Next up: Of Demons and Stones by Anne L. Parks

We got a cover reveal and preorder link for Anne’s new book! How hot is it?? Super hot. I got a very early read on this book many months ago and I can tell you that I was totally sucked into Kylie’s world. If you like Anne’s books then I know you’ll love Of Demons and Stones. It has the same gripping characters and crazy twists and turns we all love and expect from our former-lawyer-turned-author extraordinaire. Preorder today!


Anne is also part of a Fourth of July themed box set with several authors I know and love! A bunch of fabulous books for one low price! Grab When Sparks Fly and enjoy!


Thirdly: Drive Me Wild by Shari Slade

The third installment in the Devil’s Host MC serial by Shari Slade is here! I didn’t get an early peek at this one, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first two installments and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one! If you haven’t yet, you can start for free! Ride Me Hard is free to help celebrate the release of Drive Me Wild.


Fourthly: Personal Geography by Tamsen Parker

I will be doing a full My Shelf Monday on the series, but I wanted to share what I was reading while I was doling out book recommendations. I just finished Personal Geography and started the sequel, Intimate Geography (The Sexy Editor is a few pages behind). I’m totally sucked into this series and I highly recommend it for the BDSM readers out there. (Or the non-BDSM readers who just really love a super hot, really intense romance that just happens to involve some BDSM handled in a well researched and realistic way).


And lastly: Tempt: Volume 1 by Alexis Anne

Since my last post I’ve made a three chapter sample available and posted up an exclusive preorder at iBooks! Here are the links. July 14th is coming fast!

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Happy reading and Happy Fourth of July!!

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