One Week in Love New Releases!


I have a whole bunch of new releases to tell you guys about and the best part is that two thirds of it is absolutely free!

One Week in Love is the anthology series I’ve been writing with Audra North, Alexandra Haughton, and Julia Kelly. To celebrate the holiday season we’ve each written a One Week in Love themed short story. The anthology is called One Week in December and it’s free everywhere ebooks are sold! Boom!

My short story brings back my favorite short story couple, Owen and Alice from the First Kiss Blog Hop. We find them headed to Alice’s parents for Christmas, but Owen has bigger plans than simply meeting the family. Check out One Week in December to find out what!

Here’s the official blurb:

Marrying Owen by Alexis Anne

Bringing your boyfriend home to meet your parents at Christmas is a difficult tradition no one looks forward to, but bringing home Owen Jones, lead singer of the triple platinum rock band Jettison Seven, is extra complicated for Alice’s conservative family. Which means a week over the holidays will be the test of whether their relationship is the stuff of legend, or of grocery store gossip magazines.

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And if you missed Owen and Alice’s first two short stories, don’t fear. You can read it alone, or you can download the free ebook, Kissing Owen, first and get caught up!

Kissing Owen

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Not enough goodness for you? GOOD! Because I have one more piece of fun for you. My novella from One Week in Wyoming is now available all on its own. You can still grab the entire One Week in Wyoming anthology, or if you prefer, you can just grab Undressing Cara. (And as a bonus, Kissing Owen is in the back!)

Undressing Cara

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Happy reading! xoxo

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