Reckless Kiss: Episode 14

Reckless Kiss: Episode 14

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Episode 14

This was becoming a thing for us. Twice now with her dress askew and my suit still on. Perhaps I should make a list of all the places I wanted to have her in public. I already had a list of the ways I wanted her at home, naked and all mine.

“Leo,” she moaned. “I love it when you say things like that.”

“And I mean it my darling girl. I want to give you what you need and right now you need filthy memories of doing what you shouldn’t in places you shouldn’t.”

“Yes. Yes please.”

She became frenzied. I loved that I could read her needs and give her that relief. But first I needed to have her mind. “You won’t move your legs and your hands,” I took them one at a time, curling them over the edge of the desk, “will stay here until I tell you to move. You will let me have you as I wish.”

Her eyes rolled back. “Yes, Leo. Use me.”

I grabbed myself, circled her clit, moved down her slit, wet myself at her entrance. There was no instant deep thrusting with Esme. She was too narrow and I was too big. So I rocked into her slowly, pausing with each inch to allow her to stretch around my invasion, to lubricate me in her tight little channel. Yes it meant I needed to be more controlled in the beginning, but the reward was the way it felt to be squeezed so tight.

I pumped into her hard, enjoyed the friction, drowned in her wide, shocked gaze. I took from her because if I didn’t I’d go mad, but also because it was what she wanted. There was so much about her I didn’t know, so much I couldn’t wait to learn. Knowing that holding her down made her wet or that challenging her made her aroused wasn’t the same as knowing why.

I wanted the why.

I wanted to understand her worries and erase them, replace them with desire for me and for me alone. I wanted to possess this woman, mind, body and soul. The urge to make her mine consumed me on my most basic level.

Placing my hands on her hips I thrust deep several times, swirled my hips, and then buried myself in her heat. “Fucking perfect.”

She shivered. “You feel . . . you feel . . . I need.”

“What do you need, Esme? You think you want oblivion.” I reared back and plunged deep. “But you know what I think?”

She wet her red lower lip before dragging it between her teeth and whispered, “Tell me.”

I kissed the hollow behind her ear, licked and sucked at her neck and shoulder. “I think you need the exact opposite.” I nuzzled between her perfect fucking breasts and sighed. “You want oblivion because it erases everything, including you, but you should be seen, Esme.” I cupped her breasts, weighed them in my palms and squeezed. “My god, you need to be seen. For you who you are, the dark and the light, and be treasured for all of it.”

She closed her eyes, closing off my window into her soul. She didn’t believe me—or maybe she was scared to believe it might be true.

Instead of arguing with her, I worshipped her, dropping my mouth to her breast and savoring the softness of her skin, torturing her nipples until she could barely hold herself on the desk with the way her body shook.

“I want all of you, Esme.”

She cried out, her core beginning to pulse around me. Then her beautiful eyes finally flew open, locking with mine. “I see you, too. You’re a good man, Leo.”

Her words, her soft breath against my skin . . . I needed her hands on me.

“Over here.” I pulled out and took her plush desk chair. She straddled me quickly, her knees buried in the back of the chair, her feet on my legs, and sank down on my dick. “God yes.” I thrust up to take her even deeper. “Touch me, Esme.”

Her fingers came tentatively to my face, danced along my cheek. The nervous energy making her hands shake. “Do you like this?” she whispered.

There was something about the way she asked. It was shy and almost desperate, as if she were unsure about taking what she wanted from me. “I love it when you touch me.”

My words unleashed a beast. She gripped my face between her hands and kissed me fiercely, groaning into the kiss as she rode me.

“You are spectacular. You have no idea, do you? Every gasp, every moan—they call to me. The feel of your body around my dick is heaven. And your eyes . . . when you give them to me . . . are fucking magic.” I thrust up into her slowly, held her so that she had to look into my eyes as I tweaked her nipple, watched the reactions as they crossed her face. Her channel squeezed me tight. Her body tensed. She was right there. Right fucking there.

She came undone. Eyes wild and unable to look away as I took her hard and came with her. I clutched her, a hand on each side of her gorgeous face, memorizing every moment of her orgasm.

Mine for six months.

It was a start.


* * *


I was not a patient man and I was absolutely positive I would lose my mind when Marie called me in to work Saturday. My cock had plans, and those plans involved bedding Esme until she couldn’t see straight.

After our unexpected tryst in her office I invited her back to my bed. She accepted. It was very much like a dream waking up with her naked body pressed against mine, but before I could enjoy it, my nightmare arrived in the form of a ringing phone.

I quickly silenced the beast, but the damage was done.

Esme stretched and slowly opened her eyes while I ran my hands over her silky skin. “Good morning, Esme.” My voice was still rough with sleep despite being awake for nearly an hour enjoying simply being beside her.

“Morning.” Her eyes widened and she froze.

I ran my fingers through her hair. “Don’t you dare second guess what happened last night. I won’t allow it.”

She nodded and slowly relaxed, leaning her face against her folded arm. “I guess that answers my question.”

“I’m going to pretend you never thought it. Do you like coffee in the morning?”

She nodded again. “Black.”

“Take your time waking up. I’ll be back in a moment.”

Unfortunately ignoring my phone did not stop it from vibrating. By the time I returned from the café down the street with coffee and breakfast sandwiches, Esme was chewing on her lip and eyeballing the infernal device like it might explode.

“Fuck, has it been going off?”

“I don’t think it’s stopped.”

She accepted the coffee and I noted she was still beautifully naked, so not all was lost.

“This better be good,” I barked at Marie as I answered.

“I must be interrupting something good,” she chuckled.

I was not amused. “Get to your point quickly.”

“Ahhh . . . she’s still there. Got it. Well bad news, I’m afraid. We’re assembling in the main conference room. We need an action plan before this thing blows up in our faces.”

I let my gaze drift to Esme as I sipped my coffee. Work instead of sexual bliss? This was bullshit. But at least I had Esme’s promise. She wouldn’t disappear when I left for work. We had months and months to enjoy each other.

“Fine. I’ll be there in an hour.”

I hung up before Marie made any jokes about how I wouldn’t need to bring condoms for everyone. She loved a good condom joke. The woman was rabid about safe sex and gave out boxes of prophylactics for every holiday and provided information about the failure rates of each kind of contraception. She was ridiculous but also very effective at keeping all of our heads on straight.


I glared at my phone as I threw it on the dresser. “Unfortunately.”

Esme sat cross-legged with the sheet pulled up over her breasts as she clutched her coffee. “Did you mean what you said last night?”

Her voice was so full of apprehension I set down my cup and crawled across the mattress to her. “Which part? That you’re mine for six months? Or that I don’t give a fuck about your past?”

I didn’t care about anything but being with her, even if it was crazy. I was head over heels crazy about her and as far as I could tell everything else was just a problem to be solved. All problems had a solution.

I took her coffee and set it on the nightstand, then removed the offending sheet from her tits. “Better,” I growled appreciatively. “Now tell me what you specifically need to know.”

I had to admit I was momentarily distracted by the fullness of her breasts, the way her nipples pebbled when they hit the cool air, and the rest of her naked body.

But then she spoke and all I could see were her eyes.

“That you want to understand all of me. The light and the dark.”

I swallowed, smiled because I swear she needed to see something good right then. “I most definitely meant that, as well as what I said after that. You should be treasured. Completely.”

“How can you be so sure?” She raised her hands to touch my face and again that nervous energy leapt off of her.

So I pressed my cheek into her hand, made her touch me. “There is nothing more vulnerable than giving your trust to someone. When you come for me, Esme, I see all of you. I may not understand you yet, but I’ve seen you.” I took her hand in mine and pressed my cheek even harder into her palm. “You know it’s true because you’ve seen me too.”

She nodded quickly, her dark lashes fluttering as she took a deep, steading breath. “I didn’t expect any of this.”

“That’s what makes it so beautiful.” I lowered my weight on top of her. She spread her legs to cradle my body against hers. Instinctively I rocked my erection against her core and took in the gorgeous site of her reaction.

I captured her hands above her head and took my time bringing us both to orgasm. Something told me we both needed it. The orgasm and the slow build. There was so much left for us to say but our bodies weren’t willing to wait. In a way we said what we couldn’t as we moved together, giving, begging, and finally coming together.

“Here’s a key.” I set my spare on the dresser. “Take all the time you need. My shower is yours.” I wanted to offer her a change of clothes but there was no way I had anything that would fit her. “You should bring some things to keep here.” I sat down beside her and gave her a soft kiss goodbye. “Dinner tonight?”

She nodded. “I’d like that.”

“I’ll call you when I know more about my evening.” I couldn’t resist running my hands through her soft hair one last time.

Just as I was about to stand she reached out and grabbed my wrist.

“Wait.” She sat up abruptly, still clutching me. That nervous energy she’d been vibrating with all morning multiplying so much it scared me. “Your meeting. It’s about football, isn’t it?”

I suddenly felt very cold. “Yes.”

“Football players acting . . . oddly? And maybe having extra cash to throw around?”

She had my full attention now. I switched our grip so that I was the one holding her hand in mine. “Do you need to tell me something, Esme?” My heart thundered in my chest.

Yes, I’d hoped she had information that might shed some light on the things happening, but in my sex fog I’d mostly forgotten about it all, and, honestly, hoped it would vanish into thin air.

She lowered her gaze, her eyelashes hiding her eyes from me. “I can’t tell you anything. But if you happened to look at the players you’re suspicious of . . . what positions they play and their statistics, you might find the information you’re looking for.”

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