Reckless Kiss: Episode 3

Reckless Kiss: Episode 3

Reckless Kiss Alexis Anne Read Free

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Episode 3

Deeper, Leo. Deeper.” Esme’s cries filled my dreams. Woke me hard, alone, and with no choice but to relive the memories with my hand.

I sank into her from behind, my hands on her hips, pulling her against me until there was no more.

Yes. Again. Yes.”

I slammed into her. Hard. Unforgiving. Still it wasn’t enough. No matter how fast and hard I took her it wasn’t enough.

I held her hands at her sides, refused to let her move. That did it. She came like a river around my dick, her arousal so potent it made me dizzy. That was the key to satisfying her hunger.

While she was loose from pleasure I flipped her over, pulled the straps from my drawer and quickly bound her. Her pants grew quicker and holy mother of all did my dick throb to be inside her again.

Do not move, Esme.”

Yes, oh god, yes.”

My room was cold and dark. No lingering perfumes clung to any sheets. No woman had been in my bed since Esme.

My fist flew over the steel between my legs.

In my memories I remembered the way she heated for me all over again. The soft supple peaks she begged me to suck. The many different ways my fingers filled her. Spread her.

I drew it out until she was high on pleasure. There was no possible way there was anything in her mind but me. No memories. No thoughts.

I’d done just as she asked.

I made her forget.

And then when I knew she couldn’t take another moment, I sank slowly back inside her, stretching her inch by inch until she was completely filled with me.

Nothing but me.

* * *

“Her favorite is the pork tacos. We ate on the lawn. I don’t know what to do next.”

Jeffry was back in my living room the next Sunday, head in his hands, completely ignoring the blowout on the television.

“Um, you do it all over again.”

You don’t,” Jeffry protested. “You smile and they spread their legs like you’re their favorite toy on Christmas morning.”

I had to laugh at that. “They come to me knowing that’s what we’re going to do. Your lady is under the delusion you might want to get to know her. Spend time with her. Be her friend.”

“Yeah that’s true.”

Actually, that was a very important question I hadn’t asked before. “Do you want to be her friend? Or are you simply looking to fuck her?”

Jeffry shrugged. “I don’t know. She’s gorgeous. Like, holy shit I’ve never seen a woman in real life this beautiful. My dick is doing all the thinking.”

That was a problem I couldn’t fix with any amount of advice. “You should sort that out before you ask her to lunch again.”

“She’s smart. She works at the research park, too. I have a feeling if I could get my hormones in check that yeah, I’d totally want all that ‘more’ stuff. But really? She had to have had lunch with me because she thinks I’m friend material. Women like her don’t fuck guys like me.”

I had a feeling he’d be surprised what women in general want.

“Figure yourself out. If all you want is to fuck her brains out we’ll need a different strategy. If you want something more long term, I suggest doing lunch on the lawn again.”

“Okay fine. Oh hey,” he said between mouthfuls of chicken wings. “Drinks Thursday. Everyone’s going to Rusty’s.”

“The baseball bar? No.” For Jeffry and his colleagues that would be fun. For me . . . it would be work. No matter what anyone said about it being a no-fly zone for work talk, it simply wasn’t true.

“Oh come on. You always know someone cool.”

Exactly. “I am not a trick pony you get to turn out for fun.”

He pouted a little and then a devious grin took over. “She’ll be there. You’ll get to see me crash and burn, up close and personal.”

Now that was worth the price of admission. What was a couple of off-the-clock conversations over drinks when it came with a show? Priceless that’s what it was. But then another fun idea occurred to me. “Or, instead of spending my whole night laughing at you, I could help. On the fly. In real time.”

Jeffry’s nerdy little face lit up. He may have even become teary. I’m not sure since I turned off the part of me that noticed such things.

“Really? You’d do that for me?”

I glared at him because I was fairly certain I was two seconds away from getting a completely unnecessary hug. “If you say you love me I’ll quit.”

“Aw, come on, Leo.” He grinned and gave me that aw shucks good guy routine he did so well. He should really be exploiting that ability with the ladies, not me.

“I mean it. One word and this friendship is over.”

He chuckled, finally turning his attention back to the football game. “You’re so good with women. It still surprises me how out of touch you are with your feelings. It’s okay to have emotions, Leo. It’s the twenty-first century in case you haven’t heard.”

* * *

Thursday night

For the occasion of having front row seats to Jeffry’s ineptitude I wore my favorite Italian loafers, bright blue suit, and white linen shirt—no tie. Clothes were my favorite personal indulgence and my profession allowed for it both in income and circumstance. I’m sure I would look out of place as, say, an engineer, but as an agent it was expected.

Some men invested in cars. I invested in watches, cuff links, and leather.

“Good evening, Rusty.”

The restaurant owner loved greeting his flashy clientele. It also served as a constant and personalized warning to every athlete, agent, and reporter that walked through his door: what happened at Rusty’s stayed at Rusty’s.

“Mr. Hancock.” He took my hand. “How are you?”

“Excellent. I’m headed to the bar.” Rusty liked to know why everyone was there. It helped him keep tabs.

“Are you with that group?”

“They’re academics. You have nothing to worry about. Most of them have no idea who’s who in here.”

Rusty grinned. “I got that impression.”

“I’ll make sure they behave.”

He walked with me through the restaurant, noting who smiled at us and who I waved to. “Thank you. I appreciate it. You know I get nervous when randoms walk in.”

“Trust me. These randoms are harmless.”

Oh how wrong I was. I just didn’t know it yet. I found Jeffry and he quickly reintroduced me to his fellow geneticists. I remembered them but our paths rarely crossed so it was always good to get a reminder. There was Mary, a delightful woman with a love of anime that came through in her fashion choices, Grant, the kind of man who didn’t know what fashion was but had a wicked sense of humor, and John, the man I referred to as “the trouble maker” because he was quiet but always had a trick up his sleeve.

“What are we drinking?”

Mary tapped the pitcher. “The Old Tampa Seasonal.”

Sounded disgusting. “Next round is on me.” I found that offering to buy a round as soon as I got to any group not only earned me instant goodwill but it also provided an icebreaker. We could talk about the drink selections, the crowd around us, the day they just had, or nothing at all. The act of arriving, leaving, and returning with alcohol gave the illusion I’d spoken about something.

“Pitcher of Old Tampa Seasonal and a Blanton’s, please.” I turned to survey the bar. My two Mantas players were in the corner with their significant others, along with three other men I didn’t recognize. Well, one tickled a memory but I couldn’t place him. My Bolts hockey player sat near the patio windows with his girlfriend, and one of my Renegades clients was here with a very large party of what appeared to be family.

Not too shabby.

Then I caught sight of raven hair and had one of those instant flashbacks to running my hand through a different head of dark, shiny hair. It sent the blood raging into my cock in a rather unfortunate way for the middle of a public space, so the moment the bartender placed my drink on the counter I knocked it back and asked for another.

It wasn’t the first time this happened. Esme had that way about her. She left this indelible sexual imprint on me that made anyone with the same features stand out in a crowd. Even something as simple as wavy raven hair forced her right back into my thoughts. I’d had the same reaction to a pair of pumps, a skirt, and perfume over the last few months.

When I returned to the table the group was in the middle of reenacting—in great detail—some unfortunate procedure the staff was now required to go through each day. Apparently it was unnecessary, awful, and hilarious to the group of geniuses.

“Then, and this is very important,” Jeffry said solemnly, “you must place the yellow paper in the folder marked ‘Yellow’. It’s right beside the folder that says ‘Blue’ where the blue forms go.” Then he rolled his eyes heavenward. “Sweet Jesus it’s like they think we’re stupid.”

“That’s exactly what they think,” Mary muttered. “All they care about are those damn forms and following the procedure for filling them out. What we’re actually doing is lost on them.”

“So it’s the form people who are actually stupid,” I said.

“Yes!” They all said at once.

“What is it you’re actually doing these days?” Sometimes I listened when Jeffry babbled, mostly I did not.

“We’re sequencing a series of genomes and mapping the DNA.”

“Fascinating,” I lied.

Jeffry suddenly froze, his eyes locked on the bar behind us.

“Is she here?” I whispered.

The group all leaned closer.

“Oh . . . his crush,” Grant grinned.

Jeffry whimpered. “What do I do?”

“Offer to buy her a drink.” Honestly. I wasn’t that hard. Everyone enjoyed having a drink bought for them.

“H-how? What do I say?” The poor man was white as a sheet.

I took pity on him. “Say hello. Ask how her day was. Offer to get her first drink.” I grabbed his shoulder and squeezed, hoping it would pull him out of his nervous spiral. “She’s just a woman, not an Amazon.”

He nodded once. “I’m not so sure.” Then marched right up to the bar like a warrior gone off to battle.

“Ten bucks says he totally fucks this up,” John said.

I finished off my second drink. “He’s not that bad once he gets to know someone. It’s just those first few days that he’s a mess.”

“How long have you known Jeffry?” Grant asked.

Another very different memory flashed through my mind. One of a much younger Jeffry getting high in our dorm room. “We were roommates in college.”

“How many times has he crashed and burned?” That was John again.

“Not as many as you’d think. He dated Simone all through college and grad school. Then he just focused on his doctoral stuff until he finished. Then it was Wendy for what, two years? I haven’t seen him flirt with anyone since. Not until he started asking for advice with this.”

Mary giggle-snorted. “She’s going for it. Oh my goodness! She just touched his arm! Go Jeff, go.”

Not wanting to miss this I finally turned my full attention on Jeffry and his woman. Familiarity hit me square in the chest. It was the raven hair that had caught my eye at the bar a few minutes ago.

Jeffry had good taste.

Except Raven Hair also had killer legs and hips, and was wearing a fantastic pair of bright red pumps, and oh fuck me.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and laughed.


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