Reckless Kiss: Episode 9

Reckless Kiss: Episode 9

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Episode 9

“God, yes. I need you.”

It was hard not to blow my load into her hands right then and there. The desire, the desperation in her voice, it did me in. With one last flourish my thumb and fingers left what I hoped was a lasting impression, then I took myself in hand and guided my tip to her core where I played for a moment, running up and down her slit, around in a circle at her entrance, dipping inside to wet the head of my cock in her arousal.

She let out a low moan, bringing her legs tight around my hips again. “Yes, Leo. I want you. Inside me. Please?”

I surged forward out of my own need to fulfill her request, stretching her in one thrust until her tight core stopped me. She gasped, arching. I pulled back. Out. Then back in, deeper this time. Her inner muscles clamped down on my dick, holding me in place for a moment, turning my mind black so that the only thing I could possibly focus on was the way my body fit into hers.

Tight, oh so tight, hot, and wet for me.

I pulled back and pushed deeper. Over and over, working her body until it opened to me fully, then plunged balls deep, filling her completely.

“Yes!” she cried. “You’re so much.”

And she was so tiny she squeezed my dick like a vice. I could feel every flutter, every pulse, the way her entire body shook. I kissed behind her ear and whispered. “Shhh . . . my darling. I’ve got you. Breathe. Feel me. Relax onto me.” With a shudder those inner muscles released, allowing me to slide in and out more freely. “There you go. That’s my darling.”

I pumped into her several times, making sure I was well lubricated. My pants hung from my hips and I widened my stance to make sure they wouldn’t fall to the floor. It was just my shirt pulled up and my pants pulled down enough for my dick to freely escape. Esme’s skirt rucked up around her hips. We were practically fully clothed except for the very exposed place where our bodies joined.

More pots and pans clanged in the kitchen but no other sounds changed. It was just Esme and me hidden in a darkened hallway alcove.

The table began to rattle as I fucked her, so I pushed my hands back onto it and shoved it as hard against the wall as I could. I slid slowly out of her heat and back in. Smooth, maddeningly slow strokes. I loved the way her body accepted me, then clamped down as if it didn’t want to let me go. It sent electricity sizzling down my dick, through my balls, and up my spine. I did it over and over because each surge of energy was a whole new spike of pleasure. I hoped it was doing identical things to her, and based on the soft little pants, the nails digging into my shoulder, I believed it to be true.

“More Leo.”

“More? Faster? Harder?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed, sounding desperate. Her voice broke a little. “I want to feel you go wild.”

Wild. On her. In her father’s house, out in the open. I was therapy and a great big fuck you to the man she despised.

And I was okay with that.

At least in the heat of this moment I thought I was. Maybe tomorrow I’d feel differently, but right now I had a woman practically slamming her body down onto my dick, begging me fuck her, and I really couldn’t think of much else other than giving her exactly what she wanted.

So I changed my angle, keeping the table braced, but giving myself a little more freedom to move my hips further back, to slam deeper. To pound her into the orgasm she so desperately needed.

I’d discovered that about her the first time. As much as she loved the slow ways I tortured her, the way she turned to pliable skin under my commands, she also seemed the most fully satisfied when I took her hard. I’d never forget the way she yelled out over and over as she came with my dick slamming into her, my hands wrapped hard around the headboard for more leverage, the way she cried and smiled after her orgasm washed over her.

I couldn’t repeat that today. Not like this. But I would do what I could.

I used leverage to plunge deep, making sure I made contact with her clit each time. Every few strokes I stopped, buried to the hilt, and ground against her clit until her core rippled around me. Then I reared back and slammed home again. Hard. Relentless. Stroke after stroke after stroke until I could barely breathe. My cock was on fire and it took everything I had to keep from losing control.

“Yes,” she mumbled over and over, her body going weak and then suddenly tensing, her orgasm building hard and fast.

I surged inside her, doing everything I could to trigger the final explosion, but nothing seemed to be enough. “Esme, darling. You are so tight and hot around me. God, you feel so fucking good. My cock loves pounding you. Do you want me harder?”

I didn’t think I could go any harder. Not here. Not like this. But sex was as much a psychological experience as it was physical for some women, and I was almost positive that was the case with Esme. Maybe she just needed to have her mind pleasured a little, too.

“Yes,” she moaned, her core tightening around me.

I did my best to rear back as far as I could and slam deep. Maybe it was harder, but I doubted it. Instead I kept up the mind game. “Harder? Deeper? I can’t get enough. There’s never enough no matter what I do. Your pussy is like heaven, Esme.”

More tightening, this time in a pattern. I kept up my rhythm, surged up instead of forward, hoping the slight change would feel like it was harder. “Fuck, you’re so tight around me. So tight.”

And she was, but still she didn’t come. I faltered.

She needed something different. Something more. And it hit me again that I was being used to make a point, or maybe as a punishment. Maybe she needed to hear something more controversial.

“I don’t think you can take much more, Esme.” She sucked in a breath, so I kept going. “I know you can’t take all of me, not the way I want to fuck you in my bed. You’re not made for it.”

“Fuck you,” she hissed, her body clamping harder and faster around my dick, her orgasm finally starting to surge.

“No, I want to fuck you. So hard you can’t walk for days afterward. I want to fill you everywhere, like you asked me to the first time. I want to lose all control, to give you everything I have, and make you take it. But I don’t think you can. I’m too much for this tight, sweet little pussy. You couldn’t handle it.”

“I handled you the first time.” Her words wavered. She was so close. “I’m handling you now.”

“You did.” I plunged deep and rolled my hips, massaging her clit until she moaned. “You’re taking all of me right now. Does it feel good?”

She nodded, red lip between her teeth. “Yes.”

“Imagine if I did everything you asked? Feel how full you are right now, darling? That’s nothing compared to what you really want from me.”

Her hips bucked forward and she slipped off the table edge. I caught her, hauled her against me, pulled her down onto my cock as I stood up straight. Suddenly I was so deep I lost my breath.

Her mouth fell open and her eyes grew wide. “Again,” she choked out, trying to shimmy upward.

I lifted, my hands under her ass, then pulled her down again, spearing her. Electricity sizzled straight down my dick and up my spine. I needed to come and I needed it to be deep when I did. There wasn’t anything deeper than this. So I lifted her again, silently praying this was what she needed to.

“Oh god, Esme,” I grunted as I speared her one last, glorious time, spilling everything inside her, hips surging over and over as my semen continued to rocket up and out of my cock.

“Oh. My. God,” Esme cried, her orgasm squeezing and squeezing the last of my cum out of me until I didn’t think I’d ever be able to stop.

I stumbled forward, setting her back on the table, surging in and out of her a few more times because I had to. And because she seemed to need it to. The quakes kept coming.

Until finally we both let out one last breath and stilled.

Instinctively I knew I had ten seconds to end this right or else it would explode in disaster, so I dropped kisses along the column of her neck and nuzzled behind her ear. “My god you’re a beautiful, wild woman, Esme.” I pressed inside her one last time to make a point. “You’ve undone me in a way no one else ever has. Thank you.”

She swallowed, the action pressing her skin against mine again. “I can’t believe we just did that.” Her arms began to tremble.

“Everything’s okay. I meant it when I said you were safe with me, Esme. Darling. I’ve got this. No one is around.”

She nodded several times and relaxed a little. “Okay.”

I pulled out of her, removed the condom and tied it off, then tucked myself away before helping her down and smoothing her skirt. Aside from a freshly fucked glow, she looked exactly the same as when I followed her down here. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

And because I couldn’t help it, I brushed her hair out of her face. “Just you and me here, Esme. No doubts. No consequences.”

She nodded quickly, looking away.

I hated that she looked away.

“I appreciate what you did for me. Again.”

God, how I needed her eyes on me. I cupped her chin and brought her gaze back. “I think I’m the one that should be thanking you. You’re miraculous.”

Miraculous? Where the fuck was I coming up with this stuff? And yet, I meant it. It was like I didn’t even know myself anymore.

“You’re a good friend,” she whispered.

And it hit me in the gut. Twice. Friend. To her I was a good friend with benefits. Someone who happened to be able to fulfill her sexual needs. And to Jeffry I was the worst kind of friend. Fucking the woman he was dating behind his back.


It didn’t matter that the first time I didn’t know they knew each other and it didn’t matter that they hadn’t gone on a date yet. That was an accidental crossing of the friendship line.

This was intentional.

Desperate. Needed. But intentional. I knew I was crossing a line and I didn’t give a flying fuck. Jeffry didn’t even cross my mind until we were finished.

I was the absolute worst friend on the planet.

“You need me, I’m here.” I said it and knew I meant it. Even though Jeffry was my best friend there was something more here with Esme. Something important. I needed her to know she could count on me for anything, even if all she saw was sex when she looked at me.

“Well hopefully there will be no more mandatory dinner parties.” She looked everywhere but at me.

I couldn’t stand it.

I kissed her. “You are miraculous and you are my friend. You need me, you call me. No questions asked. Are you okay tonight?” It was absolutely insane and stupid how much I wanted her to say she needed me to go home with her.

She took a deep breath and let it out. “I think I’m fine now, thanks to you.”

“It was my pleasure.” I said it as solemnly as I could. I really wanted her to understand that she as so much more than sex. I cared about her.

“Anyway, I’m sorry you’ve been professionally roped into the tangled web of Edmund Brown. I hope it won’t make things uncomfortable when we hang out as friends.” Her eyes went wide. “And please don’t tell anyone who I am. Obviously Marie knows but none of my coworkers do. I’d like to keep it that way.”

“That secret is yours to keep for however long you wish, Esme. No one will hear differently from me. I promise.” Darling. I wanted to say it again. Say it when we weren’t in the throes of orgasm. It was who she was quickly becoming to me.

My darling.

My Esme.

But not mine at all.

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