New Release! Reckless Nights

The final book in the series is here! You can now read all three books (Reckless Kiss, Reckless Love, and Reckless Nights) and binge to your heart’s content. Reckless Nights completes the story of forbidden love with William’s desire for revenge…and to win the heart of Matilda at the same time.

Reckless Nights

“Her voice. Dear god her voice. It did something to me. Changed me. Broke me. My fixation became obsession.”

I will have my revenge.

I didn’t think anything could matter more…until I met Matilda. Over a few conversations I found more meaning with her than I had with a lifetime of anger.

Revenge is only a few sweet moves away. So close I can taste it. The last thing I need is the sultry, entrancing distractions of Matilda Martinez, but I can’t seem to spend a night without her in my arms.

Can I have revenge and love? Or will I have to sacrifice one to have the other?

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Alexis Anne