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The Wild Pitch Series

Forbidden love, baseball, slow burn, unrequited love, and runaway brides. Fall in love with the Wild Pitch series today!

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(FREE!) Summer Heat: June Daniels and Roman St. James both descend from baseball royalty, but a decades old feud tore them apart. Can this forbidden love conquer all?
Night Games: What do you do when you wakeup in Vegas married to a gorgeous catcher? Run! But is Wes fast enough to catch his runaway bride?
Last Fall: A romance writer who wants nothing to do with love and the quiet second baseman with a secret crush.

* The Wild Pitch series is a spin-off of The Storm Inside series.

Cards of Love: King of Wands

An all new chapter in the Tease series…

Gorgeous. Fast. Volatile.

Those are the words they used to describe Kingston Reynolds on the first day of my internship. Well, it wasn’t so much of a description as it was a warning. Do not fraternize with the drivers if you want to keep your job.

It was a rule I had no problem following. I never saw King. He was a God of racing while I worked at the factory with a public relations team of incompetents. That was until I found myself the center of his fast, volatile, gorgeous attention.

On the circuit he’s known as the King of Wands because he’s incredibly focused on winning...unless you cross him. Then he’s as ruthless and cunning as a real life villain. The more time I spend with him the more I discover he’s earned his name well.

I shouldn’t want to be with a man like him. They warned me to stay away. And yet here I am, playing with fire and hoping I won’t get burned.

*King of Wands is a spin-off of Tease. It is book 1 of an all new series. It features Kingston Reynolds, a driver on Adam’s racing team…which means you get more Adam and Elizabeth too!

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King of Wands Card of Love Tease Series

Cards of Love

Pick your card. Choose your fate. Fall in Love. 
Pick another card. Fall in love all over again. Which card will you choose?

Cards of Love features 34 romances all unified by the tarot deck they share. Each book stands alone and no cliff hangers!

Contributing authors include:
Willow WintersLeah Holt AuthorFawn BaileyElla FoxAmelia WildeSierra SimoneClarissa WildCora BrentStevie J. Cole , Claudia Y. Burgoa, Olivia Ryann, Rochelle Paige, Suzanne Halliday, Trisha Wolfe, Maya Hughes, Autumn Jones LakeAuthor Nina Levine, Fiona Cole, Theresa Leigh, Ainsley Booth and Sadie HallerNora Flite Author, JJ Knight,Author, Leslie Pike, LP Lovell, Jenika SnowJade WestBella Love-Wins, Romance Author , Cassia Leo, Tabatha Kiss, Alexis Anne, Linnea May, Josephine Raven.


Reckless Kiss

The Reckless Kiss Duet

It was reckless to kiss her…

One night. Limitless pleasure.

This is the promise I make to each woman who calls my number. With Esme I expected nothing different. I’d return to work the next day with a deep appreciation for her body, the sound of her moans, and a night of memories.

Except she was different than anyone I’d ever met before. She was more. Needier, sweeter, more honest while also keeping everything personal hidden. Maybe it was the mystery that drew me to her. All I knew was that I craved another night.

When my best friend came to me looking for help with a girl, the last thing I expected when I finally met the mystery woman was for her to be my mystery woman. I’d been unknowingly helping him woo the one woman I wanted another night with.

And that leaves me with quite the problem when Esme also needs my a good friend or indulge my own desires?

*Reckless Kiss was originally published as a newsletter serial. There are a few extra scenes and an extended ending in the final published book. If you read the newsletter serial you do not need to purchase the book…unless you want it to keep!

**Reckless Kiss is a duet.

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