Kissing Owen: Volume 1

Kissing Owen Volume 1

Kissing Owen: Volume 1

A First Kiss Blog Hop short story by Alexis Anne

©2014 Alexis Anne

Or download the .mobi, .epub, or .pdf here.

“I need you to skew my results. To… throw things out of whack.” Scarlet Lawler looked at me with the biggest, fakest pouty eyes I’d ever seen.

“You are not selling yourself well.” I cautioned my best friend as we stood in a cold television studio on the Florida State University campus where we both taught.

The second to last thing I wanted to do was appear on camera. The third to last thing I wanted to do was kiss a total stranger for some experiment.

But the absolute last thing I wanted to do on this earth was kiss a total stranger on camera.

“I will make coffee every morning for a month if you do this for me,” she pleaded. This time she pushed out her lower lip and clasped her hands under her chin. But it was the big brown eyes that killed me. They were so intense I was pretty much willing to do anything to end the pleading.

“How am I skewing results exactly?”

She grinned and bounced her eyebrows. She knew she had me on the hook. “We have a guy, he’s a bit different than our other test subjects. We want to match him up with someone who looks like his complete opposite.”

And I was back to hating this. “Explain. Now.”

Scarlet rolled her eyes and sighed. “Basically, he looks like a total geek and you…don’t.”

I looked down at the outfit she’d picked out for me. It was from her closet, not mine, and it all clicked. This was a visual project and Scarlet was changing my look in order to see how perception changed along with it. Instead of my usual tank top and comfortable blue jeans, I was dressed in a killer skin-tight black and white dress and heels. It wasn’t that I didn’t like getting dressed up, but I usually reserved it for evenings…not the middle of the day. I felt over-dressed and uncomfortable.

But that was the point.

“If he’s a terrible kisser, you owe me coffee for two months.”

Scarlet grinned with victory. “And what if he’s a great kisser?”

“We’ll have to see about that…”

The door opened on the opposite side of the studio and a man dressed in a simple white button-up and gray slacks that hung from his hips in way that told me he was in amazing shape, walked in. He was wearing dark-rimmed glasses that partially shrouded his eyes from me until he was just a couple of feet away.

It was like this man’s mere presence had shut my brain down. No conscious thought was taking place between my ears—well, other than burning hot desire. My brain wasn’t working, but my body was running on all cylinders.

And then he locked eyes with me.

I’m telling you, it took every ounce of strength I had to keep from melting into a puddle on the floor. Those eyes were… intense.

“Alright, we should get started.” Scarlet moved behind a long table and sat down beside two other people I recognized from her department. They each had clipboards, laptops, and tablets in front of them to record the cues they saw from each of us.


But the man standing beside me was hot.

“I’m Owen, by the way.” He leaned toward me, his hands clasped behind his back, and a hint of a smile playing on his luscious lips.

Kissable lips.

“Alice,” I replied.

He was exactly how Scarlet described, and yet not. I was having trouble (because of my lack of brain function) putting it all together. On the one hand, Owen was hot. Tall, sculpted perfection. His button-up was rolled to his elbows revealing what had to be one of my favorite body parts—muscular forearms. He had wide shoulders, a trim waist, and light stubble on his chin.

But on the other hand, he was wearing glasses, his hands were manicured, and his clothes were starched. It was hard to picture him anywhere but behind a computer.

“Please fill out these surveys before we get started,” Scarlet instructed.

I grabbed the clipboard off the table and began checking the appropriate boxes:

What is your first impression?

Hmmm…. ‘Sex God’ wasn’t an option. I checked the box for ‘nice’ instead.

What is his job?

Damnit! ‘Sex God’ still wasn’t an option. Why didn’t sociology surveys have fill-in-the-blank options? I checked the box for ‘accountant’.


Did it matter? Hot was ageless. I checked the box for 25-30. Owen didn’t look older than thirty, but he was definitely older than twenty-five…

Would I accept his advances if we were in a public setting?

I glanced over at Owen who was carefully filling out his own survey. Yes. Yes, I would absolutely accept his advances.

Why or why not?

Because I want to have hot, dirty sex with him. Huh, not an option either… who made out this stupid survey? I checked the boxes for ‘polite’ ‘well dressed’ and ‘considerate’ instead.

I placed the clipboard back on the table a split second before Owen.

“So we just kiss?” Owen asked Scarlet. He looked like he didn’t know what to do with his hands. He was hot and adorably shy.

Oh god, I was in so much trouble.

“Just give us a moment to get the cameras rolling.”

Beside the table were two cameras on tripods. A white backdrop was erected on the main wall behind us and three large lights were on stands with shields, bouncing light in just the right way to reflect the test subjects.


“Are you nervous?” I asked. Why did I ask that? I didn’t want to know if he was nervous about kissing me. Oh, god, what if he was dreading this?

Owen smiled and chuckled, thrusting his hands into his pockets. “A little.”

Sweet. Owen was sexy, adorable and sweet. My ovaries were screaming.

“We’re ready whenever you are,” Scarlet finally called out.

“Alright then,” Owen said with a soft smile. He came to me, closing the distance between us before I had a chance to think—not that I was thinking about anything other than his lips. He slid his hands along my jaw and up into my hair, cupping my face and pulling my lips to his. I was surprised by the mix of apprehension in his eyes, but confidence in his touch. I went with it, letting my lips touch his for the very first time.

It took my breath away.

His soft lips were tender, but his fingers were firm, guiding me and holding me close. I pressed in to him, wanting more. I was following my instincts and a faint groan escaped as I opened my lips.

His breath caught with surprise, but he didn’t stop. His tongue ran along my lips and tangled with mine. I’d known him for a minute and yet I knew exactly how he’d kiss.

And, it seemed, Owen knew exactly how I’d kiss, too.

Chemistry. We had more than I knew what to do with.

But then he pulled back, kissing my lips one last time and staring right into my eyes—it made the whole world come to a stop. He didn’t let me go right away, and I didn’t ask him to. I wanted to grab his hand and run away. I wanted to keep him.

“Alright!” Scarlet interrupted. “That was lovely.”

Lovely didn’t begin to cover it. That kiss was mind-blowing.

“As you both know, this was an experiment. Your appearances were altered in order for us to study first impressions. Confession time: Alice is actually a paleontology professor here at the university. She usually wears blue jeans and has her nose stuck in a book. It’s kind of annoying actually,” she added under her breath. “And Owen,” she drawled with a smile, “is the lead singer of Jettison Seven. He’s my brother’s old college roommate and agreed, very generously, to serve as the secret celebrity in the study.”

My mouth fell open. He looked very different in the button-up and glasses, but damnit all… it was Owen Jones.

My insta-crush exploded to a whole new level. The combination of embarrassment, lust, and giddiness was almost impossible to control.

Scarlet looked back and forth between us with a self-satisfied grin on her face. “Well, thank you both for this. We’ll contact you if we have any follow-up questions.”

We walked outside, a weird silence surrounding us considering a few moments earlier we’d had our tongues in each other’s mouths.

“May I take you for a ride?”

“A ride?”

He cocked his head toward a gorgeous red motorcycle that was parked at the curb.

A ride with the adorably kissable Owen Jones on his famous red motorcycle? “Can I ask why?”

He hooked his fingers through mine and pulled me against him. “I have a thing for women who can kiss and get dirty.”

Well, then. Who was I to say no to another kiss with Owen Jones?

For a chance to read Volume 2, click here!

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