Super Saturday: Life with Mini-me!

You know what the coolest thing about having kids is?  Getting to see yourself.  Our kids are miniature versions of Nate and I.  I mean seriously, look at these two: 1186090_10201972227933223_1417673554_n

As you can see, they not only look alike, but they clearly have the same personalities.  They both smile all the time and it's infectious, you can't help but smile when Nate and Zach are around.

It seriously has to be one of the most fascinating, terrifying, and educating things that has ever happened to us.  I know it changed my life to watch Xander suddenly start saying things I know I said as a kid.  So weird. And cool.  And weird.

I know it changed Nate the minute Zach's personality started coming out.  He was as shocked and fascinated as I was by this little miniature version of himself walking around.  Just this week Zach asked to go eat lunch at Chic-fil-a so he could say 'hi' to everyone there.  That is so Nate.

I was thinking about this because my mini-me has been writing stories (yes, he is a little author).  His latest masterpiece:



He's got a whole series going called The Adventures of the Super Brothers.  It is very involved and very epic.  He'll probably sell more copies than me.

What really makes me laugh about the whole 'mini-me' concept is that the minute we think we have these boys figured out, they change on us.  Xander opens his mouth and says something that is so Nate it isn't even funny.  Zach does the same thing, and it's because they are both of us.  Xander may have a lot of his momma's personality, but he lives with Nate, too.  He has Nate's DNA in there, even if it is masked by mine most of the time.  He even looks like his daddy (as much as he looks like me at first glance).  The same is true of Zach.  He has his moments of being as much a mini-Alexis as he does being mini-Nate.

It's times like this I think becoming a parent is actually pretty selfish.  Not only do we get to 'live on' through our kids, but we learn so much more about ourselves than those two little boys will ever understand.

Hug your kids and have some family fun this weekend!! xoxo



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