Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Three year olds…

After my morning walk with Zach I’m pretty convinced most of the fantasy and sci-fi books out there were born out of the minds of three-year olds.  Over the course of our one-mile journey we saw evil spiders, heard mysterious chompers, ran from mushrooms, and marveled at the trees, all while Zach rambled about the universe. 20131107_105527_resized

It turns out…. Those weren’t just spiders—they were evil spiders who could move like lightning and kill you with a single bite.  Not to mention, they could weave massive, intricate webs.


And those chompers (who were really a bunch of crickets happily chirping in the underbrush) aren’t that scary since they only attack bad guys.  Otherwise, chompers are totally friendly.  I wouldn’t suggest being a bad guy around them, though.  They are apparently pretty evil, have massive, sharp teeth, and can move really quick.

Mushrooms are magical.  According to Zach, all manner of creatures, real and imagined, can live beneath a mushroom.  Especially trolls.  Trolls are scary.  We wouldn’t want to get pulled into their world!


There was Spanish moss hanging from the oak trees, but it was also growing in under the railings—and they happened to look a lot like scary bugs.


Zach wanted to climb the oak trees so he could look out at the world.  Possibly locate a desert (apparently the cows playing in the lake across the street weren’t as interesting as finding a desert).

"The Desert"

But what really baffled him were the entrances to our subdivision.  They look a lot a like.  So, when we made it to the far entrance, Zach thought we were home.  When I explained we were actually at a different entrance he started musing.  “What if they are actually the same entrance and we’ve been walking all this time, but getting no where?  What if every entrance is the same entrance, Mommy?”  See where I’m getting the sci-fi ideas?

Entrance 1 or 2???

So, we had an interesting walk this morning and I’ll be sure to shut up and listen to my kids the next time I need help with a story.  Considering my NaNoWriMo piece is a dystopian/utopian sci-fi something or other, I think these kids may prove to be useful ;-)