Book Review: Neverending Beginnings by Mary Chris Escobar

Today I'm reviewing a book I absolutely loved reading, Neverending Beginnings by Mary Chris Escobar.  While I do know Mary Chris personally, I did purchase this book and review it all on my own (and she didn't ask me to, either!)  I really loved this book and can't wait for Mary Chris to write her next novel so I can read that one, too!  Now, on to the review: NEB

Neverending Beginnings by Mary Chris Escobar is a smart, witty novel filled with relatable characters and a very interesting situation.  Our main character, Kate, is stuck living the week of her best friend’s wedding over and over (Groundhog Day style).  At first I was concerned I would become bored by seeing the same events played out again and again, but I wasn’t at all!  Each repeated week was new and different as Kate learned from her mistakes and tried desperately to end the cycle.

Along the way Kate also happens to start falling for the best man, Ben, and it was thoroughly enjoyable to watch their romance blossom because Kate is so completely clueless in the beginning.  Watching her realize her feelings over the course of the book while also getting to know Ben, who is both incredibly sweet and unmistakably manly, was one of my favorite parts.

Kate is smart and independent while also flawed without being angsty or dramatic. I think this is my favorite part of Neverending Beginnings: there was no false drama and it didn’t make me crazy.  It was a truly engaging and interesting story that made me sad to put it down but filled with excitement knowing I had something so enjoyable to pick back up.

One word of caution, while reading this book I was compelled to eat and drink the same food as the characters.  I don’t know what it was about Miss Escobar’s writing style, but the little nuances of the characters got inside my head and made me want to be part of the story—including the food and craft beer! (For more on this, check out my chat with Mary Chris)

I’m very happy Miss Escobar decided to follow up Neverending Beginnings with Delayed (only $0.99!) so I could get a glimpse of the characters down the road.  I highly recommend Neverending Beginnings (and Delayed) to anyone!

Price: $4.99

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