Gifts for the Book Lover: Idea #1

Everyone loves getting books right? (If they don't, please do not shatter my delusions!)  But what most people tend to overlook is how incredibly cheap and easy it is to gift ebooks!  All it takes is:

  1. Choosing a book
  2. Clicking 'Send as Gift'
  3. Entering their email address and a message (Merry Christmas!  Love, The Anne's <3)

And ebooks are cheap!  All of them are under $10 and most are under $5.  Plus it's sales season and you may even be able to find great books for $0.99!  I don't know anyone who would be sad to open an email with a Christmas greeting saying they'd been given a book!  Alternative ideas that are just as good:

  • Gift a $5 Amazon Gift Card and attach a message with ebook suggestions (Dear Little Sister, Enjoy a new book on me! Here are some I loved reading this year: Slammed by Colleen Hoover, On Dublin Street by Samantha Young, Neverending Beginnings by Mary Chris Escobar, Just a Little Series by Tracie Puckett, and Pierced by Danger by Lashell Collins.  Love, Your Big Sister)
  • When you see a book you love on sale, don't keep scrolling because you've already bought it! Stop and gift it to someone you know who may love it, too.  99 cents out of your pocket just put a smile on a friend's face and helped boost a struggling author in the process.  Win, win!

So, this Christmas season, as your budget tightens, don't fret!  Give the gift that keeps on giving--give a book!


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