Preview: Chapter 1 of Reflected in the Rain

Below is an special preview of Reflected in the Rain.  In Chapter One we pick up where Jake and Eve left off in The Storm Inside.  The end of the chapter has been left off since it is too sexy for my unrated website but trust me, like The Storm Inside, it is super steamy!  You'll have to click on the Wattpad link if you want to read it in all its glory! stack

Reflected in the Rain: Chapter One

Chapter 1




“You are not wearing that.” I stated flatly, shaking my head and putting my fists on my naked hips.

Jake’s eyebrows shot up in surprise as he stepped out of our closet.  “And what exactly do you suggest I wear instead?”

I thought about it for a moment before blurting out the only thing that came to mind.  “An orange prison jumpsuit.”

He burst out laughing and snuck his arm around my waist, kissing my neck up and down while he ground his hips against mine.  He wasn’t wearing anything special—just my favorite dark wash blue jeans and my favorite tight black t-shirt that showed off his tan skin, green eyes, and that fantastic body of his.  He looked hot and I knew every single woman who saw him all night long was going to see the same thing.  When he added in that casual nonchalance he had about life, Jake was irresistible.

For some reason, I could just picture Greg taking him to a strip club and getting a private room.  I could see Jake all casually sitting in a booth with one leg propped up on his knee and his long arm resting along the back of the booth.  I could see that bored, uninterested stare.

“Darlin’, you have nothing to worry about.”  His lips kissed the spot behind my ear that made my knees weak and I gasped as I was suddenly, completely, turned on.

“Want a quick present before you leave?” I gasped as his hand palmed my ass and jerked my body against his.

He pulled back just enough to look down into my eyes.  “Maybe.  But only if it’s because you’re horny and desperate, not because you think it will somehow keep me faithful.”

I squirmed under his intense gaze.  I felt stupid, but the jealousy was not going away no matter how hard I tried to push it down.  “Couldn’t it be both?”

Jake took a step back and put his hands on my arms.  “Eve.  How could you possibly…?” his mouth fell open.

I knew it was stupid and irrational.  I mean seriously, the man came back for me after ten years of waiting.  Of course he was mine, every bit as much as I was his.  I knew Jake had eyes only for me—it was actually one of the few things I believed in without question.  But that didn’t stop me from feeling jealous when he looked like that.

“It’s not you, Jake.  I promise.  It’s this ritual.  It just seems so silly…”

He laughed and pulled me onto the corner of the bed beside him.  “Babe.”  His green eyes searched all of mine.  He didn’t need to say anything else but I appreciated the way his hands wove up into my hair and the intense way his eyes were making love to me.  It almost pushed away the feelings of jealousy.


“Have fun.  Just not too much fun,” I grumbled.

He kissed the tip of my nose and then my mouth—we made out like teenagers for a minute before he pulled away gasping.  “F*ck, Eve.  Only you…”  I knew exactly what he meant.  How could just kissing be so much fun?  “Go get dressed, woman.”

I hopped up and curtsied.  “Yes, sir.”

My hair and makeup were already done.  I even had on my jewelry.  I just needed to slip into my dress.  But it wasn’t until I looked into the mirror that I realized how sexy the dress was.  It didn’t seem that way on the rack yesterday, it almost looked classy.  Black and shiny, but skin tight.  With our crazy schedules I didn’t have time to try it on until now… turns out “black, shiny, and skin tight” was also very low cut and hit all my curves in just the right ways that my breasts looked bigger and hips looked sexier than normal.

My hair was down in long, loose waves and my makeup was dark and seductive.  I looked good.  I just wished it was Jake and I going out together like this so we could actually enjoy being dressed up.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, Jake’s eyes widened and his jaw flexed.  “Nope.  Not happening.”  He pointed at the closet.  “Pick out something else.”

I popped out my hip and tossed my hair over my shoulder.  “And what exactly do you suggest I wear instead?”

He glared at me and his nostrils flared.  “Do not go there.  I do not look like you!”

I laughed.  “You’re kidding right?  This,” I waved my hands from my head to my knees, “is exactly like that.” I did the same thing to his outfit.  “A sexy black dress is the male equivalent of what you are wearing, Jake.”

He opened his mouth to argue, then stopped.  “Really?”

I nodded and drank in the sight of him again.  He’d added a shiny silver watch to his wrist and black shoes.  Hot didn’t even begin to describe him.

“Well, f*ck!  What do we do now?  Because you are not going out like that.  Not without me on your arm.  Or wrapped around you.  F*ck.”

I sauntered across the room, wiggling my hips and breasts as I walked.  “I have a proposition for you.”

He raised an eyebrow and followed me with his eyes.  He was trying to look angry and skeptical, but it wasn’t working.  I could see he was both intrigued and turned on.

“We have,” I grabbed his wrist and held up his watch so I could read it, “thirty minutes until our rides arrive.  I will let you strip me out of this dress if you let me peel you out of your clothes and wrap my mouth around your cock.”

He was breathing harder now as his eyes wandered over my breasts.  “And we both pick out new outfits?”

I nodded, sliding my fingers under his shirt and against his warm skin.  “Deal?”

He didn’t answer me right away.  Instead he kept staring at me with a faraway look.  I was starting to wonder if he was going to answer me when his eyes darted up to mine.  “Tonight doesn’t mean anything.  And our wedding is only a formality, you know that right?”  His hand tightened on my hip and his gaze sharpened.  “There is no one else for me but you.  There’s never been anyone but you.  I’m already married to you in my mind.”

“I know,” I whispered, taking his face in my hands.  He had a little bit of stubble and it was rough against my palm.  I wanted to feel the bite of that stubble between my thighs.  “You know I feel the same way, right?”  Sometimes, in the midst of my own happiness, I forgot that inside Jake there was still some past insecurity that occasionally bubbled to the surface.

He nodded slowly, but I felt like my words somehow fell short.  “I could get ‘Property of Jake’ tattooed somewhere,” I offered with a smile.

He rolled his eyes and licked his lips, his eyes zeroing in on mine for a kiss.  “Don’t be ridiculous,” he murmured before kissing me so softly it took my breath away.  He kissed me again and again, taking more of my breath with him each time.  “Let’s have some fun before the cavalry arrives and pulls us apart.”

“Deal,” I whispered as I tugged at the hem of his shirt and he let me slide it over his head.

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