Writing and Music: First Draught is On TONIGHT!

Music and writing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Two totally different substances with completely different tastes and yet, put them together and what do get? Genius, that's what. First Draught 2

I have lots of theories on why this is: from the roots of the written word in storytelling, to the relationship between the mind and creativity. You can hear my babbling tonight (live) at 8:15 pm est. The ladies of First Draught are welcoming back special guests Tracie Puckett and Lashell Collins (because we love them!) to talk about what music inspires us, if we listen to it while we write, and what our favorite tunes are.

Plus we're just fun to watch. RSVP now! We'll be monitoring the event page, Twitter, and Facebook while we are on air, so hit us up with your questions and comments. #FirstDraught

So what do you have to look forward to from me (besides my deeply insightful commentary on the history of writing)? The artists and lyrics that make my imaginations run wild. Here are some of my favorites:

Snow Patrol

The Lightning Strike (my all time favorite!):

"What if this storm ends? And I don't see you As you are now Ever again"

"What if this storm ends? And leaves us nothing Except a memory A distant echo

I want pinned down I want unsettled Rattle cage after cage Until my blood boils

I want to see you As you are now Every single day That I am living"

I listen to this song on repeat when I need to get my creative juices flowing. Check it out here.

Alex Clare

Treading Water:

"If my concentration, Seems spread too thin. And when you speak, my eyes glaze over. I'm sorry girl, it's not you, it's her.

And you're another chance, To mock myself again. Maybe you're another chance, I'm sure I'll fuck things up in the same way. Maybe it's another chance."

Love You:

"Though I left you there sleeping No I dare not say a word Silently weeping Knowing what I heard What can I say I was never good with words My tongue always got it wrong Hoping that you knew all along I love you, I love you."

Alex Clare is amazingly talented. Check out this video of him singing Hummingbird!

I'd put Mumford and Sons on this list, but if you guys know me at all, you know that would be is every single song with every single lyric, so I'll save you the fangirling... for now. (Whoops... how did those pictures get there....)

Gentleman of the Road Tour St. Augustine

Gentleman of the Road Tour St. Augustine

So anyway, those are just some of the lyrics that get my mind running down plot ideas, character arcs, and scenes. You can visit my YouTube channel and peruse my playlists for more insight (should you care!). We'll be talking about it all tonight, it is sure to be a blast! Here is the link to our event page on Google! 


music as muse 1


music as muse2