Love: an Adam & Elizabeth Short Story

Hello from Florida! If you're a subscriber to my newsletter then you are one of the lucky ones who got to read Love: an Adam & Elizabeth Short Story last week! I'm posting it here today for my website readers to enjoy as well. love

Big news! You asked, I answered. After an overwhelming (you guys are seriously awesome!) number of requests, I've decided to write another book for Adam and Elizabeth. It will most likely be a novella about the time after Tease and before they get married. I don't know what it's called, what the cover will be, or what date it will be released, but I'm hoping to have it out in time for Christmas.

This will be the first of several new stories about Adam and Elizabeth, as well as Theo and Allison, and any other couples who want to have more stories told. I will continue to write new couples as well. Already on the docket is Lily (Elizabeth's little sister) in 7 Dirty Lies, and Margaret in Hooked Up, both coming in 2017! I'm so excited to write you guys more books in the Tease Series and I absolutely love hearing from all of you here on the website, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Please keep stopping by and saying hi! <3

Now, find out what Adam and Elizabeth have been up to in Love: an Adam & Elizabeth Short Story.