Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction: Mistletoe


Want some sexy flash fiction? AND a glimpse at Adam and Elizabeth? Lucky for you, the lovely Shari Slade and Rebecca Grace Allen have teamed up for another round of #SinfulSundayFlashFiction! This week's theme is mistletoe. (Yes I'm a day late. Just ignore that fact and enjoy reading!)

Warmth rushed through my veins, spreading like wildfire until my scalp tingled with anticipation of his touch. He was here—behind me, but not touching me—and the dichotomy of having him so close but still so far away almost brought me to my knees right then and there. Under the mistletoe of all places.
I would happily sink to the floor and pleasure him in front of all these people if it meant finally touching after so long, but I didn’t move. Hell, I didn’t breathe. Instead I simply waited, knowing that my patience would be rewarded.
“Elizabeth.” He whispered my name against the shell of my ear as he wrapped his large, warm hand around my hip, splaying his fingers across my belly.
My head spun but his hand was like an anchor holding me down as my body threatened to fly apart. I sank backward into him, melding our bodies together. “Adam.” Busy careers and a love that was still far too young, had kept us apart when the only place we belonged was together.
He rested his forehead against the top of my head and drew in a shaky breath. “Merry Christmas, Gorgeous.”
I spun in his arms and kissed him hard and fast—needing to pull him inside me even if only for a moment. Over the last few days, as I waited for this moment, I’d begun to wonder if Adam was as absolutely desperate to see me as I was to see him.
Those doubts had just vanished in a Disney-worthy poof of magical smoke. The strangled way he’d said "Merry Christmas"—as if he was too busy feeling and words were a forced form of communication—and "Gorgeous" was more strangled plea for relief than his name for me. Adam was every bit as overwhelmed as I was and it was the most beautiful thing.
Well, until he sank his fingers into my hair and growled, “Whose brilliant idea was it to go to this party?” His eyes were filled with raw need. A desperation that could only be fulfilled with hours alone together in a bed.
“I believe it was yours.”
“I’m an idiot.”
I smiled. “You finally went too far.”
His fingers flexed and he dipped down to steal another, dirtier kiss. “Too far?”
I nodded, panting. “You like the tease. The anticipation. The pain of denial.”
“The reward is usually worth it.” He closed his eyes and I knew he was calculating how quickly we could slip back to his garage apartment, have a proper greeting, and return to his parent’s party.
“The reward is always worth it.” Memories of orgasms achieved after moments just like this flooded my mind and suddenly my skin was flushing and my cheeks burning. “I think we’ve earned a few minutes alone.”
“Yeah?” He wasted no time grabbing my hands and yanked me toward the door. “Then let’s get moving!”
“Adam!” I laughed as we started down the stairs. “We can’t go to the apartment.” There were secrets waiting there.
He paused, realization flashing through his eyes. Then he grinned. “To the secret passage instead.”

500 words.
Adam and Elizabeth are the foundational characters of the TEASE series. Now is a great time to start reading since the book is free at all retailers