Five For Friday: Music, Books, & More!

FriYay On Friday we celebrate the wins we had in the week because weeks are hard. This week my FriYay's are pretty freaking awesome!

1. New dresses! I'm headed out to RT next week and since I haven't bought myself a new dress in ... well ... hmmmmm ... I decided to spend my last birthday gift card on this cutie. It looks as great as I'd hoped!

2. Getting to read early copies of Tamsen Parker books. You should pre-order The Cartographer and be jealous that it's already on my Kindle!


3. Spotify! Why did I resist you for so long? Writing to playlists is now easier than ever. You can check out what I'm listening to as I write Night Games and try to guess what trouble I'm getting Wes and Carrie into!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.22.01 PM


4. New software to play with! Ecamm Live and Filmora are so much fun and so incredibly useful! You can see me playing with it here:


5. Keys! That's right! As of this moment now we have the keys to our new home up in Charlotte, North Carolina. I guess we should probably start packing ...

Celebrating the good is how we roll around here. How was your week? Share it here or with your friends. Either way, take a moment to reflect and celebrate! Happy weekend from the Anne's!