Night Games Are Coming!

What do you get when you throw two relationship-phobic party animals with great big gooey hearts together and make them fall in love? Night Games of course! Because we wouldn't want Wes and Carrie to fall in love without torturing each other first, now would we? The latest stand alone in The Storm Inside series is pretty straight forward. We have Wes Allen, the sexy internet sensation of a star catcher for the Jacksonville Waves. He loves women, pranks, and being the center of attention. In the other corner we have Dr. Carrie Anne Walker. Super professional surgeon to the St. Pete Mantas, party girl by night, badass by day. She takes no shit and has fun making people squirm.

And what do two fighters do when they start to fall in love? Play games instead of feel their feelings of course! But as the stakes get higher, the games get dirtier . . . until there are no take-backsies!

Scroll on down for the cover and official blurb! The book drops June 29th and you can pre-order it now at iBooks, Kobo, and Nook, or sign up for the new release alert from my newsletter here.


Baseball's biggest player is about to get played.


I love women and women love me.

It's not my fault I'm irresistible. Okay, I may be a little cocky too. All I have to do is post a picture of myself shirtless with my cat, Snickers, and the women flock to me. It probably helps that I'm good with my bat and balls.

A selfie, a smile, and I have them in bed—but never in a relationship.

Until Carrie entered the game.

She may not know it, but she owns me. And I'm not letting her go.


I'm a professional. No, not THAT kind of professional. I'm an orthopedic physician for the St. Pete Mantas and my job is everything. I love the game and I love my players … but I never fall in love with any of them. Especially not players like Wes. Especially Wes.

He thinks life is one big game.

One sexy, romantic, and sometimes sweet, game that’s left me confused and little bit worried...

I may have actually fallen for the ultimate player.

I'll have to beat him at his own game if I have any shot at walking away with my heart intact.

*Cover design by the fabulous Lexi at Romanced By The Cover!

Professional baseball player in action on grand arena
Professional baseball player in action on grand arena