Best of November

I have so much to tell you guys so instead of burying you under a pile of information I'm going to break it down into a BEST OF NOVEMBER list! Woot! Let's get started! Summer Heat is FREE!

For a limited time I've made Summer Heat free! Why? Well, I'm playing around with some behind the scenes stuff on the business end. You'll see that the book is now listed as Book 1 in the Wild Pitch Series, a spin-off of the Storm Inside series.

Nothing has changed. The book is still #5 in my mind, but Summer Heat, Night Games, and the upcoming Last Fall (Zoe's book) can also be considered their own little series, so I'm testing out having these three books as a spin-off. Basically I'm making it less intimidating for readers who haven't tried the series.

So if you haven't grabbed the book it now! And then join my reader group on Facebook! We're doing a read along! I'll be in there everyday to answer your questions, share fun facts about the book, and give away some prizes!

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Mistletoe Key: a Hallmark movie you can read!

The holidays are fast approaching and a lot of us are ready for some Christmas cheer right now! Guess what? We have that for you! My writing group decided to start a "World" where we could each bring our talents and flair to the page. Thus, Mistletoe Key was born: a tropical island where Christmas is celebrated year round!

Lindsay Emory kicked us off with her funny, sweet, holiday book, Resisting Santa! Next week Alexandra Haughton brings us Blue Christmas, and then this spring Julia Blake and I will bring you two more installments! (And I'll have a sneak peek of mine in just a couple of weeks!)

Get Resisting Santa now!


Resisting Reviews Promo
Resisting Reviews Promo

Holiday Freebies!

You want more? Okay. I can do that! Here are some holiday freebies for you to enjoy!

KissMeAtMidnight-AMZ (2)
KissMeAtMidnight-AMZ (2)

Allina Hemphill’s been (unsuccessfully) set up by her parents too many times, but when her mother’s scheming puts Blane Douglas in her sights on Christmas Eve, she finds she’s more than happy to steal a kiss under the mistletoe.



This Christmas, Mollie Embry feels like a misfit toy. When her parents announced their divorce over Thanksgiving leftovers, it rocked the foundation of her life—even though she’s almost thirty, not six. By refusing to take sides, she finds herself with nowhere to go for the holidays. Which is fine by her because the magic of the season has lost its sparkle.

Reluctantly, Mollie agrees to join her best friend’s little family celebration—it’s better than spending Christmas alone. But when their party grows by an unexpected number at the candlelight Christmas Eve service, it’s a blast from the past who just might be able to help her put the spark back in the season of love.

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My Favorite Book This Month

I've binge-read all of Autumn Jones Lake's books this month. All. Of. Them. It started with Bullets and Bonfires. Her video ad totally hooked me in. Hot alpha cop? With a crush on his childhood BFF? Who needs his help (but doesn't want it?) SOLD. And then I had to read everything. This month she released a two-part story that I devoured. These two books are my favorite in the series and I think you all will love them. Autumn writes about sweet alphas who love and respect their women. While most of her books take place in an MC, it's the kind of MC we'd all want to be part of (if we wanted to be in an MC.)

Check out Bullets and Bonfires

or grab Beyond Reckless and Beyond Reason now! (you're welcome!)


All of my other favorite things...

This month I'm crushing on:

MOVIES: Thor: Ragnorak. It was amazing and fun and the soundtrack is awesome!

TV: The Expanse (watch Season One on Prime) it's a scifi, but it's a mystery, but it's kind of a western, and in season 2, a little bit of a horror. It's amazing!

MUSIC: Imagine Dragons. We're taking our oldest to his very first concert! Ahhhhh!

PODCAST: Lindsay Emory created a book club you can listen to! She has an amazing lineup of guests. Check out Women With Books!

I'll be back real soon with more excitement! There is a lot happening right now! Including that Mistletoe Key short preview I promised at the top...stay tuned!