Dear 2018...

The year is winding down and I'm looking ahead at 2018. Authors are always thinking about their next project and that's the topic of my Friday chat this week.

So what will 2018 hold in romance? I'm hoping a new wave of romantic comedies that focus less on falling in love as the solution to life's problems and more focus on an improbable journey. One filled with laugh-out-loud but relatable moments, reminding us all of our humanity, and in the end, make us all really happy.

I want the warm fuzzies, but without the sickening sweetness of too much fluff. Maybe I'm an outlier. There's certainly a massive following for the Hallmark channel. And there's nothing wrong with the fluff. If you like your romances fluffy, more power to you!

But I like mine with some reality thrown in. I want to feel like just maybe this could really happen if the right ingredients mixed together. I want to relate to the characters and see myself reflected back at me. I'm not sweet or fluffy, but I do love a feel-good romance filled with funny moments.

Dear 2018, can I have that, please?