Surprise! Cards of Love Series Coming in October!

Tarot Card Romance Series

Pick your card. Choose your fate. Fall in Love. 
Pick another card. Fall in love all over again. Which card will you choose?

Coming this October.

Cards of Love features 34 romances all unified by the tarot deck they share. Each book stands alone and no cliff hangers!

Contributing authors include:
Willow WintersLeah Holt AuthorFawn BaileyElla FoxAmelia WildeSierra SimoneClarissa WildCora BrentStevie J. Cole , Claudia Y. Burgoa, Olivia Ryann, Rochelle Paige, Suzanne Halliday, Trisha Wolfe, Maya Hughes, Autumn Jones LakeAuthor Nina Levine, Fiona Cole, Theresa Leigh, Ainsley Booth and Sadie HallerNora Flite Author, JJ Knight,Author, Leslie Pike, LP Lovell, Jenika SnowJade WestBella Love-Wins, Romance Author , Cassia Leo, Tabatha Kiss, Alexis Anne, Linnea May, Josephine Raven.

Want a peek at my book?

Cards of Love: King of Wands by Alexis Anne

In tarot the King of Wands represents pure fire energy. The King of Wands is a natural born leader and goal oriented visionary. In reverse he is arrogant, aggressive, and, you know, my kind of hero!

Check back for a look at the blurb! In the meantime check out all the lovely covers in the series!

Cards of Love October New Release
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