What I Loved in September

October is here! So are all the fall shows! And my writing schedule just went to ludicrous speed! So that means lots of music in the headphones and lots of binge-watching when I'm done with my writing goals for the day. So what captivated me in September?


Nothing jumped out. Ugh. I hate to say it but I had a bad reading month. I don't blame the books entirely. I can tell when it's me, not them, and it was definitely a me month. There are times when I crave the familiarity of patterns, formulas, tropes and favorite authors...and then there are months when I need something different. I didn't find it this month.

But if you found a great read, please share it with me in the comments! I'm desperate for new books!


When I start a new project I always go through my old playlists first. Then I dig around (okay, I ask Nate for suggestions because he actually listens to new music) until I click with something. This month the big winner for me (and for you because I am so inspired to write every day!) is Brothers Osborne. I basically listen to everything they have right now from the silly "Drank Like Hank" to the sweet "Pushing Up Daisies." There is something wonderfully authentic and soulful about their music that I have bought into 100%. The love songs are great for writing romance and the fun songs remind me that I need to have funny scenes to break up the action.

Other winners include: Old Dominion's "One Man Band" and Billie Eilish's everything.

Honorable Mention for motivational anthems: Lizzo. Because she's Lizzo!


I have been binging shows like it's my job. And okay, to a certain extent it is. Picking apart storylines and character arcs in television shows helps me figure out my own plots and characters!

This month I binged Black Spot (Netlfix) in French. You can switch it to dubbed English, but I prefer to read the subtitles, pretend I still remember my five years of French lessons, and hear the actors voices. It's Stranger Things meets Broadchurch or Bosch. There's a grumpy cop and something mysterious in the forest. My only complaint is that it starts to drag in the second season because they stick too closely to the episodic format and keep the bigger mystery in the background. I'm at the point where I just want to know already!

I gave two new fall shows a shot as well and both look very promising! First I checked out Prodigal Son on Fox. The reason I wanted to see this was because it has a fantastic cast and the premise (a rich family that raised a serial killer, and his son who became a profiler) is sooooo up my alley. So the cast:

Michael Sheen (he's our charismatic serial killer and OMG I love him.)

Tom Payne (so good!)

Bellamy Young (the perfect rich mom)

Lou Diamond Phillips (I'm not so sure I trust him!)

Keiko Agena (Gilmore Girls!)

and Aurora Perrineau (Harold Perrineau's daughter)

I absolutely loved the pilot episode. It has me completely intrigued and I'm kind of in love with all the characters. There's one info dump toward the end that the writer in me couldn't help but roll my eyes at, but it was a pilot and sometimes they do that. I'm expecting this to be episodic so I hope it doesn't get dragged down with weekly subplots that don't go anywhere, all while dragging out the larger plot of the prodigal son and his serial killer father. We shall see!

We also checked out Stumptown on ABC. I love Cobie Smulders and would watch just about anything she did, but the cast also includes Jake Johnson, Camryn Manheim, and Michael Ealy (translation: it's a killer cast!) The first episode was fun and included subtleties and subplots I didn't expect when reading the description. We will definitely be watching the next few episodes!

I'm also in the middle of enjoying Hulu's Four Weddings and a Funeral. It's not the same as the movie and I really appreciate that. I love seeing a fresh take on a story and this one has been delightful. It's a diverse cast and I've found myself very invested in the storylines. I'm looking forward to finishing it up!

Okay, I know I promised my Instagram followers some dish. And I didn't just mean that I didn't find any great books this month. I did have a TV show that I just didn't click with. It wasn't bad. In fact, I'd say it was beautiful and interesting, but it also fell flat for me. The plot was predictable and the attempt at political allegory was more like a sledgehammer to the head than a subtle comment on our diversity and immigration crises. I enjoyed watching Carnival Row, but I also can't say much about it that was different or interesting. I do think it did a great job of introducing a lot of people to the Urban Fantasy genre. I hope that means a lot more interest in that area of reading for fans!

Of course now I want to know what you found this month! Hit the comments to let me know what to read/listen/watch next! (Please, and thank you!)

Alexis Anne makes a living from writing books. She's one of those non-award-winning, never-hit-a-list, no-one's-ever-heard-of authors who quietly rakes in the dough by being focused on her craft while wearing a hat for business. She's an introvert and prefers it that way anyway!

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