Buy One Get One Free! (Book Sale to end all Book Sales!)

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Ok…”Sale to end all sales” might be a bit dramatic but this is hands down the very best deal on my books ever! Whether you consider it half-off or getting every other book for free, it’s still an amazing deal! And there are two very easy and convenient ways to get these deals.

  1. Option #1:

    Grab your Kobo ereader OR open your Kobo reading app (*available in the Apple and Play stores!) and start shopping. Even better? This BOGO sale is good for every author in our group so you can mix and match your BOGOs to your heart’s content!

    See the full (and fancy!) catalogue here. Then scroll down in this blog post for all the juicy details!

  2. Option #2:

    Grab your Nook OR open your Nook reading app (*also available in the Apple and Play stores!) and start shopping! The Barnes & Noble sale is author specific. So you can only Buy One Get One Free by author. Meaning you can grab six of my books for the price of three, then go grab six of Annika Martin’s books for the price of three, but you can’t mix the two of us and get the deal. Just add the books to your cart and the discount will be taken at checkout!

    Go to my BOGO page at Barnes & Noble Now!

    See every author participating in the BOGO sale at Barnes & Noble here!

I really love Kobo and Nook and have their reading apps on my phone and tablet because they always have incredible deals and specials for their readers. Yes, I love my e-ink Kindle, but I read on the go all the time and switching to my phone or tablet to read in the app of my choice is something I do easily at the gym, stuck at my kids school, and even at home. (Plus Kobo is now partnered with Walmart so new and exciting things seem to be happening every week!)

Additional Kobo details:

If you are brand new to Kobo you can take advantage of their free $5 offer! (This cannot be used at the same time as the BOGO deal, so you’ll want to get that $5 deal on a full price book, then go shopping again and get your BOGOs!) Find out more about the deal here.

Kobo has provided us with country-specific links to the entire BOGO sale:

US =

AU =

NZ =

UK =

CA =

There are 70 authors participating (and remember you can mix and match the BOGO deal at Kobo!) including some of my favorites! Check out our lineup!

Alexis Anne | Angel Payne | Annika Martin | Ava Miles | Avery Flynn | B.C. Burgess | Barbara Freethy | Becca Fanning | Bella Andre | Bethany Lopez | Blair Babylon | Bria Quinlan | Cathryn Fox | Cherise Sinclair | Corinne Michaels | Crista McHugh | Cynthia Eden | Dale Mayer | Darcy Burke | Deanna Roy | Dianna Love | Elena Aitken | Elle James | Emily Robertson | Erin Wright | Genevieve Jack | Gwyn McNamee | Iris Morland | J.L. Berg | Jana Aston | Jean Brashear | Jenna Jacob | JJ Knight | Jodi Vaughn | Kait Nolan | Kallypso Masters | Karen Erickson | Kat Mizera | Kathryn Le Veque | Kaylea Cross | Kylie Gilmore | L.G. Castillo | Laurelin Paige | Lauren Royal | Jessie Evans | Lili Valente | Louise Bay | Marilyn Brant | Max Monroe | Mindy Klasky | Monica Murphy | Nadia Lee | Nina Lane | P.T. Michelle | Patricia Rice | Penny Reid | Piper Rayne | PJ Fiala | Rebecca Shea | Sarina Bowen | Shayla Black | Stacey Joy Netzel | Suzan Tisdale | T.K. Leigh | Terri E. Laine | Tess Oliver | Tess Thompson | Theresa Leigh | Violet Duke | Wendy Vella

Thanks to Annika Martin for this most excellent graphic! <3

Thanks to Annika Martin for this most excellent graphic! <3

I have the same books included in both sales: Tempt, Burn, 5 Dirty Sins, 6 Dirty Secrets, 7 Dirty Lies, King of Wands, Come For Me, Darling, Reckless Kiss, Reckless Love, Night Games, and Last Fall (Remember Tease and Summer Heat are both FREE!)

Grab your books, get your reading on, and, most importantly, READ WHAT YOU LOVE!!!