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Meal Plan Monday

Everyone develops tricks when it comes to food. One of ours right now is 1) Picking a "meat of the week" and 2) prepping several meals on Sunday or Monday. I've recently switched to Monday because the house is quiet and I can pop a few meals in the Instant Pot between writing sprints. It forces me to get up and away from my keyboard because I don't want to overcook the food.


This week our meat of the week is chicken. One of the other advantages to picking one meat for the week is that I can buy in bulk. In this case I got the big sheet of chicken breasts. I have three breasts in the crock pot slow cooking on high for 4 hours. This shreds beautifully when done! I love shredded chicken because it can be made into many things from BBQ to Mexican to salads. I also have three breasts (cubed) in the Instant Pot with a honey bourbon recipe. I also simmered a Japanese style chicken soup on the stove while all of this was going on because my youngest recently realized he likes chicken broth soup and I thought this would a nice alternative to have on hand for lunches or lighter meals.

Our meals this week look like:

Monday: chicken quesadillas

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday and salad

Wednesday: honey bourbon chicken and rice (and soup)

Thursday: heat-and-eat night

Meal Planning_chicken.png

Having multiple meals that use the same ingredients and trimmings means I don't end up buying too many ingredients, and the ones I do buy get used up. Making one different meal with the same type of meat means my family doesn't hate one type of food by the end of the week.

Get the honey bourbon recipe we use here.

The shredded chicken is so simple. Just chicken and a cup of water. When it's done I shred it with two forks, letting the chicken soak up some juices for a few minutes before I pull out about a third. The rest I season with taco seasoning. I now have a plain shredded chicken that can be used with anything and a seasoned chicken to be used in our Mexican dishes.

Shopping list:

We keep tortillas in stock at all times

  • Shredded cheese

  • Salsa or pico (or both)

  • Avocados or guac

  • refried beans

  • sour cream

  • jalapeños

  • taco seasoning (sometimes I buy a packet and sometimes I make my own with spices from the cabinet with this recipe.)

Alternatives we switch to sometimes: nachos or BBQ. Instead of a tortilla we plate up some chips and cover them in goodies and pop it in the microwave. Or if someone just wants something different I always reserve some shredded chicken with no seasoning. That way it can be heated up with some BBQ sauce. Add a side salad and some garlic bread to complete the meal!

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Alexis Anne makes a living from writing books. She's one of those non-award-winning, never-hit-a-list, no-one's-ever-heard-of authors who quietly rakes in the dough by being focused on her craft while wearing a hat for business. She's an introvert and prefers it that way.

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