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Reckless Kiss Now Available!
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“Both Leo and Esme are complex characters that make a reader want to know what is driving them and where this train is headed. A mystery is involved that is influencing their relationship and I am very anxious to see how this turns out. I found Leo super swoony in a competent, powerful way. And the sexy times? Oh, yeah. Very steamy.” —5 Star Amazon Review

"Alexis Anne brings a captivating, mesmerizing and sensual story of two souls in "Reckless Kiss" — 5 Star Goodreads Review

Reckless Kiss is now available in ebook and paperback! This is my super steamy new duet featuring Leo Hancock, a Bancroft Sports agent by day and generous lover by night, and Esme Brown, the quiet anthropologist with a wild side.

The fun part of this series is that it brings back Marie and Greg and even a little Roman through Leo’s work at Bancroft Sports. It’s an area I’ve been dying to expand.

The other fun part of the series is Esme. She’s just all around fun to play with. Vixen, academic, wild lady, and a secret, tormented past. You all know how I love secret torments!

One thing to note is that this is a duet! That means it is two books, not one! Reckless Kiss doesn’t end on a happily ever after ride into the sunset (or sheets as is usually the case with my books.) It ends on a cliffhanger. To be honest I didn’t think it was that big of a cliff but readers are telling me it’s huge so…sorry? The good news is book two, Reckless Love is only a month away and you can preorder your copy now!

Get Reckless Kiss Now!

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Preorder Reckless Love (book 2 of The Reckless Duet)

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Reading in Bed With Alexis Anne: Episode 1

Last year I decided it would be a lot of fun to lure my favorite authors into my favorite reading space: my bed. So this summer while I had my writing group trapped in a house with me I did just that! In this first episode I give you a quick update on me and then Lindsay Emory crawls into bed with me, flashes some leg, and reads us the first chapter of her brand new release, The Royal Runaway!

Things to know about this episode:

  • We flash many legs

  • She reveals a secret about how the book came to be!

  • We discuss how to pronounce her Dreidish words (hint, I get them all wrong!)

  • We get to hear the first chapter from the author herself!

  • We both wear crowns

You can connect with Lindsay on her website and on your social media platform of choice! (I love her Instagram!) The Royal Runaway is out now, so grab a copy!

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