First Draught

First Draught is a monthly internet talk show all about writing. Alexis Anne, Julia Kelly and Mary Chris Escobar broadcast their live show at 8:30 PM EST the first Tuesday of every month. Along with special guests, they cover everything from craft to career to writing life.

You can find out more on our official website, watch us on YouTube, or subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes or SoundCloud.

Here are some of our most recent shows:

How to Write the Best Pitches, Blurbs and Synopses (May 2015)

How to Build Your Author Brand (April 2015)

  1. Hey, where is the next google chat for first draught. I live for those videos, Alexis

    • October 7th at 8pm eastern! If you click on our Google+ link at the top of this post it will take you to our page and the top post is an event link for our chat Old is New Again. We’re so excited!

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