Reckless Kiss: Episode 20

Reckless Kiss: Episode 20

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Episode 20

For me, there was nothing more intimate than sex. Trust, vulnerability, and emotional connection were necessary for true pleasure. Add to that the lack of clothing and the physical aspect and well . . . it was the ultimate act of intimacy.

Each time we were together I learned more about Esme and I hoped I gave her more of me. There were times I could have sworn we merged into one. Not just physically but in every way. Her breath was mine. My desire was hers. I didn’t need to open my eyes to know how to move or where to find her. 

“Esme,” I whispered against her hip. “Open for me.”


I understood her hesitation. We were in one of those private cabanas at an adults-only hotel pool in Miami. When our lunch arrived I’d closed all the curtains. No one could see that we were both topless or that I was attempting to slide my hand inside her bikini bottoms. 

“Yes here. We’ll be quiet.” I nibbled and licked the skin just inside her hipbone. The skin there was so soft and always made her shudder.

“They’ll kick us out.”

“No they won’t. We’re too important.” I brought her with me for the long weekend. Most of my work was at night, leaving us the day to enjoy the perks of being guests of one of the most expensive and exclusive hotels in all of South Beach. Dante Emerson (yes, the one who wanted a yacht) was living up to his reputation of becoming the next Jordan. Pure athleticism and charisma, along with a deep love of the game, had made him the biggest up-and-coming star in basketball. He’d just started his first season in Miami.

“That doesn’t mean we should—” she gasped and stifled a moan as I gave up and kissed her clit over her bottoms. 

“It absolutely means we should. Call it a perk of the job.” I kissed her some more and her hips began to undulate. “They’re thrilled to have us here and quite frankly, they don’t give a shit what we do behind these curtains.” I stripped off her bottoms and tossed them to the floor. “There is absolutely no reason we shouldn’t enjoy this huge pool bed to its fullest.”

Unlike Esme, I didn’t grow up with servants and expensive indulgences. I had no qualms about enjoying every opportunity. I earned it through hard work and perseverance in a cutthroat industry. 

“L-Leo . . . oh God.”

The last twenty-four hours had been telling. Being out of town and away from our everyday lives gave us both an opportunity to relax. I rolled to my side and enjoyed the sight of Esme as she should be. Naked physically and emotionally. Calm. Carefree. 


Touching her always turned me on but touching her like this? It was incredible for more than one reason. The urgency I usually felt was gone. Now I could savor. From the moment I woke up all I’d done or thought was how can I make this moment last longer? So I ran my hand along each curve from her thigh and over her hip, down the dip of her waist to cup her full breast. 

“You’re studying me,” she murmured.

“I’m hoping for another A.” I winked. 

She laughed. 

“I am studying you, you’re right, but mostly? I’m indulging.”

“Indulging?” She burrowed into the pillow, smiling up at me from behind hooded eyes. 

“Mmmm. Touching you is like sipping a very expensive bourbon.”

“I love that. I’m good bourbon.”

I moved to the inside of her breast where it swelled against the other. “Top shelf, darling. Pappy Van Winkle.”

She laughed heartily at my comparison to one of the rarest and most expensive bourbons on the market. “If you find a bottle of that we’ll sip it slowly together.”

“You have my word on that.” I made a mental note to bribe someone for a bottle as I flattened my hand against her sternum and felt for her heartbeat. “I love touching you. It calms me.” Every caress relaxed my muscles, slowed my breath. “And yeah, I’m memorizing you. I want a perfect mental image of you stored in my memory banks.”

“Your own virtual Esme?” She rolled to her back and stretched.

Every nerve in my body and brain fried. The sight of her arching and wiggling, her tits up and her ass down, was the equivalent of a lightning strike. I understandably groaned. “You’re killing me.”

“How do you think I feel? You’re staring at me. I can feel your eyes everywhere. Do you realize how much you say with your eyes?”

I had no idea, actually. “Tell me.” I rose up on my elbow and continued to touch.

She gasped as I circled her clitoris. “You have the most expressive eyes, Leo. When you smile they smile. When you’re mad they glow. Some people have cold eyes and I think that’s because they don’t feel much of anything. You are not that kind of man.”

“I’m not?” I never really thought about how I fit into a matrix like that. In my position, were there people who wouldn’t to be lost to lust or consumed by sex? Would they simply go through the motions and move on with their day?

That kind of life sounded awful.

“No. You’re a zealous consumer of the human experience. I think it might be why you love your job.”

I moved over her, settled between her legs, pressed against her hips. “Please explain. I am so intrigued.” All this time I’d been trying to decode her, meanwhile she’d been dissecting me. I was fascinated, turned on, and, quite frankly, honored.

Her hands roamed me as she explained and I relished the switch from toucher to touchee. “Well, you represent athletes. They live extraordinary lives.” She waved around our private cabana as an illustration to her point. “It’s high octane and intense. You get to absorb so much of their lives—good and bad—over the course of their careers.”

Her explanation was valid. More than valid, really. I loved the negotiations, the money, luxury. It was extraordinary, like the woman beneath me. “And you see all this in my eyes?” I pressed against her center with the head of my erection.

“Yes,” she whispered, studying my face. My nose, my forehead, the corners of my eyes. “Your eyes—they make me feel what you feel. Your intensity takes the breath from my lungs, your happiness infects me, your desires become my own.”

I thrust deep and hissed. “God yes.”

Her nails dug into my skin. She threw back her head. “Sweet Jesus I’ll never get used to this.”

“What do you see right now?” Usually I was the one who did the talking. Esme always responded to my dirty words with her body while she remaining silent. But now? I wanted to reverse those roles.

“Your eyes are glowing like when you’re angry, but they’re tender. Soft. Sweet.” She groaned and arched, moving along my shaft. 

“That’s right,” I growled. “This is my tight, hot pussy. You fit me like a glove.” An explosion took place behind my eyelids. A tingle that erupted at the base of my skull and sizzled down my spine. I couldn’t move and couldn’t hold still, instinct taking over as my hips jutted forward then pulled back, seeking more, needing it all. 

“Jesus, Leo. I can’t—I can’t.”

“You can. Hold on.” I devoured her gasps. “You take all of me. You always do.”

She moaned into my kiss, the sound vibrating through us both as I took her slow and deep, one stroke at a time, until it hurt to hold back. 

I rolled, arranging her on top of me all naked skin and waves of dark hair. Outside, a lifeguard’s whistle blew. Somewhere across the pool music played through a speaker. Closer, garbled conversations of tipsy adults came and went as they strolled past our cabana. 

“Ride me. Let me watch you.” I enjoyed the sight of her bouncing nipples, the view of my dick disappearing inside her, the wildness growing in her eyes. It was a fucking masterpiece of imagery. She arched backward. I used the extra access to massage her clit and labia, dip my fingers into her arousal and feel the joining of our bodies. 

My muscles locked and the urge to take more surged through my veins. Faster. Harder. Deeper. I tried to resist but in the end I was as helpless to my lust as she was. I gripped her hips and pounded from below until she fell forward against my chest. Skin against skin. The new sensation sent fire coursing down my dick and I crushed her body against mine. “I can’t wait to feel you come.”

“I love it when you use my body like that.”

“I’m not using you,” I whispered back. “I’m losing control. I can’t ever seem to keep it around you.”

She bit my neck then licked and kissed the spot. “God, yes. I like that. I’m taking your control.”

Give. Take. Use. Love. The words scrambled and mixed, making no sense until suddenly they did. “Take it all, Esme. You can have it. I’m giving it to you. It’s a gift.”

She shuddered as her orgasm struck, her inner muscles squeezing the life out of me. For a moment I saw flashes of light. My skin stung as if it were on fire. A need to drive deep and come overwhelmed me but I forced it back. Just a moment more. I wanted to watch—no, I needed to watch—as she came apart. 

The complete abandonment of her composure was a rare and perfect sight that was mine alone to witness. I memorized the way her eyes unfocused and her brows drew together, as if the act of orgasming confused her. Her mouth opened and I sealed my lips to hers before the sound escaped. I drank in her moans, keeping them secret. 

Because that was my purpose—to keep her safe and be the person she could trust with everything she typically kept to herself. I think that’s why I enjoyed moments like this. I could give her the thrill she preferred by fucking her inches from an audience while protecting her privacy.

The power and responsibility was heady and I’m not ashamed to admit I got off on it. Which is probably why I rolled her beneath me to try something new . . . something I knew she’d like and maybe even needed. “How do you feel?”

“Good.” She was still trying to catch her breath.

“Good? But not wonderful?”

“Leo, I just had a body-shaking orgasm in a pool cabana. Trust me, I’m feeling great.”

I began to stroke again, chasing my orgasm this time. “You sure about that?” 

Her nails bit into my ass. “M-maybe?”

“Because as much fun as we’re having I can still see you drifting away. What are you thinking about?” I caught her chewing on her lower lip, eyes unfocused, twirling her hair, more than once. As relaxed as she was with me this weekend there was still something pulling at her thoughts.

“It’s just work stuff,” she lied. I knew she was lying. 

“I can make those thoughts disappear. If you’d like.”

Her gaze drifted down to my lips before trailing down to where our bodies joined. “Is that a promise?”

That was a challenge if ever I’d heard one. “Absolutely, darling. Just how dark are those thoughts in your head?” I found that the degree with which I pushed her had to be proportional to her troubles. She never told me details but in the right circumstances I could use my leverage to glean a few pieces of information. 

“I can’t turn them off,” she whispered. 

She needed mind-clearing sex and an earth-shattering orgasm then. So I stroked deeper and faster as I wrapped my hand around her throat. I didn’t squeeze or even apply much pressure. Just enough to overwhelm her. 

Her eyes widened in surprise and sure enough I felt a fluttering around my dick. 

She liked it. 

And fuck it all; I liked it too. Maybe it was because I knew I’d never squeeze, that this was just a part I was playing and the pleasure I felt wasn’t from her pain but from her arousal. I liked what she liked. 

“Do you want this, Esme?” I growled.

She stared at me with hunger, then whispered, “Yes.”

A shiver of pleasure raced down my spine. I liked that response. I liked it very, very much. “Tell me why you like this.” 

Her eyes grew wider as she devoured the sight of my arm holding her down. “I’m supposed to be chaste. Pure. Perfect,” she whispered, her gaze focused entirely on my arm with a sort of wild fascination. “Always in control of my thoughts and everyone around me.” Her gaze snapped up to meet mine. “So I like the way it feels to do the exact opposite.”

To give away her control completely. “Sex is an act of defiance for you.”

She smiled, her gaze drifting back to my arm. “Yes. I find it is very erotic to be used for sex.”

Very erotic to be used. “Look at me Esme.” I waited as she forced her eyes up to mine. “Do you think it can be erotic to be loved, too?” I slid my other hand behind her head and fisted her hair, completely immobilizing her between my hands. “Because I can love you in a lot of ways.” I slammed into her. “I can make love to you slow and sweet like we did this morning, or I can fuck you hard in your office with your hands tied to your ankles like I did on Wednesday at lunch. Was I using you either of those times?”


“That’s because I care about your pleasure. I want to feel you come and leave you satisfied. But I also enjoy watching you work through your needs. I find it very erotic to witness the moment you finally abandon all your doubts and accept that all I’m ever going to take from you is your time.” I teased her most pleasurable spot with the head of my cock with short, quick strokes as I held her between my hands. “So I’ll hold you like this and any other way we decide together. I’ll give it to you so that you can lose control with me the same way you allow me to lose myself in you.” I would always need to fulfill her desires. But it needed to be mutual. “You gave me what I needed just a few minutes ago. Let me give you what you need now. Tell me what you want.”

“Take me hard. As hard as you can.” Her cheeks flushed a deep shade of red as she whispered her desires. 

“Are you embarrassed?”


I hated that answer. “But you told me anyway?”

She looked away. “Yes.”

“Thank you. What else?”

“Don’t let me move. Hold me just like this until I come.”

With her head held immobile by my fist and my hand around her throat, I thrust until I bottomed out. Then I took a long, insane moment to enjoy the feeling of being completely sheathed in her heat before fucking her as hard as I could. She hooked her hands around my arm and held on. The skin of my thighs slapped against the backs of hers. It was the sounds of hard fucking, every bit as incredible as the slow lovemaking we’d woken up to. 

Her muscles began to tense, her body bowing beneath me. I pressed down on her sternum, holding her in place until she was very close. 

“I’m going to come,” I grunted. “I’m coming so fucking hard.” I didn’t wait for her because I knew what would really send her over the edge was my orgasm. My loss of control was the ultimate demonstration of how much pleasure she gave me.

I thrust deep and spilled inside her, felt her shudder a split second before her channel squeezed me tight in place. We rode the wave together. A hot, electric, pulsing that continued to spark with each jut of my hips. 

“Thank you,” she gasped.

I released her hair and rubbed my thumb gently across her neck, looking for any signs I’d hurt her. She wasn’t even red. 

“Thank you for trusting me.”

She took a few deep breaths. “You don’t think I’m nuts?” 

“So beautiful,” I murmured. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to smother her in words of affirmation. “I think you’re beautiful. I think you’re amazing and sexy.” I rocked into her one last time. The depth of her heat sent another jolt of electricity sizzling through my entire body. “The only thing I think when I’m with you,” I dropped a kiss on her soft lips and looked deep into her eyes, “is that you’re beautiful.”


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