Reckless Love: Episode 1

Reckless Love: Episode 1

Love Serial 1

Episode 1

I told Leo everything. I expected him to run in the opposite direction as fast as he could. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he went straight to Capp and Dixon and gave them every one of my secrets. I certainly didn’t expect him to fall harder for me or to fuck me in my secret bunker as if he were branding me.

Even after all that I didn’t really expect him to come back from his meeting with the agents. I spent those hours packing my things and loading my car. If he took any longer I was going to take the hint and leave.

I wouldn’t blame him.

Who could possibly love a monster?

There were kids who feared the shadows. I was not one of them. I made the shadows my home.

Just as I was about to grab my keys, Leo pulled into the driveway. I downed the rest of my wine—not smart if I was about to drive across town. But then again, I needed the liquid courage to survive looking into Leo’s eyes again.

He quietly shut and locked the door, dropping his keys into the bowl. He looked so damn good, even after a very long and exhausting day. His blue suit ran along every line. There was no sagging or bunching. The color complimented his skin tone and eyes. I swear he glowed in blue.

I watched as he unbuttoned the blazer and slid it off his shoulders before folding it over the stool. His eyes ran over me, deciding something, then he took my hand and gently led me to the bathroom.

The first thing I felt was relief because oh god yes he didn’t hate me, but the second thing I felt was destruction. As if everything I knew was about to crumble to dust.

All because this man wouldn’t leave me alone.

I cried as he stripped me naked, cried as he kissed away my tears with loving caresses, cried as he drew us both into the sanctuary of running water.

I knew what he was doing. In here we could talk without fear of being heard. When he whispered in my ear it was for me and me alone. No listening device could pick it up.

In a way I was his doll. Esme Brown had called it a night. Packed it in. Shut down. I let him move and position me, wash my hair and run soap over my skin. He loved me, lulled me into a sense of safety, before he said a single word.

He turned me so that I faced the tiled wall, the water at my back. He brushed all my hair over my left shoulder, pressing his hard body against mine, his lips against my ear.

“What little they know of the truth is impressive, Esme.” He massaged my arms and lower back. “They have no idea.”

No idea it was twenty-nothing girl in college who fixed professional football games, making sure millions of dollars flowed into specific sets of hands. No idea it was a pissed off daughter sending a giant fuck you to her father by scamming his team right under his nose.

Ten years ago the only people involved thought I was the messenger, not the mastermind. They believed I was a gift sent to them as reward for their compliance. I played the part of willing victim to cover my tracks. I thought I’d covered them so well that no one would ever discover my secrets.

But someone did. Someone even smarter than me. Someone who took my formula and was now using it on a much grander scale.

“Who else knows?” he whispered in my ear as he pet and kneaded my backside.

I guess I couldn’t say “no one” anymore. Leo knew. Someone knew. I turned my head just enough to whisper back. Leo pulled me flush against his body, trapping his erection against me. “The five football players only thought I was the messenger. I delivered their scripts. We never spoke outside the club.”

Leo moved his hand between my legs, stroking, massaging, pinching, until I moaned. “I want to know all about these nights at the club, Esme.” He nipped at my earlobe and rolled his hips against me. “And I’m not talking about script exchanges.”

Both his hands moved up my stomach to cup my breasts. He weighed and massaged as his breath grew ragged at my ear. Leo was a revelation.

I discovered sex at a fairly young age. Not intercourse. Not yet. But the act of pleasure, of experiencing an orgasm, was something I did to myself entirely by accident. Looking back I think I’d describe it as my very first wet dream. I woke up wrapped around my pillow as my body pulsed. I had no idea what happened but I wanted it to happen again.

Perhaps the unfortunate part was that I discovered pleasure at the same time I discovered a need to escape from my real life. It seamlessly became my default, the place I went when I didn’t know what else to do. Masturbation became exploring intercourse with boys at school, exploring led me to wanting it all the time.

The sex I knew before Leo was about control, getting a high, and manipulation. It was a tool. I didn’t know there was an emotional component until the night we met. I always thought those love scenes in books and movies were an entirely different kind of love. The sappy emotional, superficial joining of lives.

I had no idea one man could consume my mind and my body so completely, or that he could understand the layers of physical and emotional pleasure—that sometimes they were the same, but other times they were completely separate.

When Leo said he wanted to know about the club, he meant it. He understood it. He didn’t judge me for it and he certainly wasn’t jealous. He wanted to picture it.

“The club fulfilled my needs at the time.” I was starting grad school and going through a painful breakup. I needed to separate out the parts of my life. By day I went to school and worked my ass off. By night I required physical bliss as a reward for successfully plotting to destroy my father’s empire.

“And do I fulfill your physical needs now?” He used my nipples to draw circles on the wet tile.

I squeezed my legs together, my core pulsing and empty. “Yes. More than anyone ever has.”

He groaned, releasing my breasts to take his cock in hand. “I’m going in bare. Say you understand me.”

“I understand.” We had unprotected sex from time to time and Leo always made sure it was clear to both of us when we did.

“Fuck, you feel good.” He shuddered as he sank slowly inside. The head of his cock stretched me with a sharp bite of pain. “Are you all right? Answer me.”

“Yes,” I nodded more than spoke, resting my head against the shower wall. I descended into the sensations, let the electricity wash over my skin and erase the thoughts from my mind.

“I want you to listen to me, Esme.” He sank in another inch. His hands began kneading my hips as he ever so slowly stroked me with his cock. “They don’t know anything, Love. We’ll find out who’s behind this and we’ll stop it. No one will know about your past but me.” He thrust hard and deep, then stopped, molding his strong body to mine. “You’re safe with me. I promise you.”

“I know, Leo.” My voice wasn’t much more than a whisper. “You’re the only one I trust.”

He drew back, using the long, slow slide of his shaft to force me to feel every inch of him. He slipped back in just as slowly. “Close your eyes, Petal. Feel me moving inside you.”

With my eyes closed all I could hear was the rush of water mixed with Leo’s pants, and all I could feel was the way he used his shaft to slide along my bundle of nerves until my inner muscles began to flutter and quiver. Nothing else existed but this moment. No agents or private investigators, no classes to teach or world mysteries to solve. Right now I was a woman being thoroughly loved by a man.

There was nothing more fundamental.

And that, ladies and gents, is Episode 1! I hope you enjoyed it. The first part of this story (Reckless Kiss) is now available for purchase!

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